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Hey Kids! Comics!

Welcome to The Comics Journal's #5 Tackiest Site on the Web! In the June 1999 issue of TCJ (#213), writer Jeremy Pinkham began a column (monthly? bi-monthly? I dunno, I don't read TCJ) called "28.8 Panels per Second: A Field Guide to Electronic Comics Culture". After a lot of pretentiously big words that TCJ is famous for using, Pinkham's column trashes my site and four others as "the five tackiest comics-related sites on the Internet, as selected in the clutches of a particularly rotten mood." Here's what he has to say about this page, and links to the other four pages. "This page takes the word "fanboy" to a new level of meaning. Let's trash it."

Guestbook by Lpage Hey! I've got a Guest Book now, courtesy of LPage! Check it out!
Please sign my guestbook, or you can just take a look. I've had a number of international visitors as well as from across the USA. Here's where they are coming from.

What we have here is a veritable plethora of comic stuff. I tried to stay away from doing pages that you'll see on other people's sites; no sense in duplication of effort. Instead, I'm providing a few choice, quality, home-grown pages that if you don't find interesting, you'll hopefully find them unique.

That said, here's what we have in stock today:

The Infamous Comic Book Anal Retentive Checklists

Death Green Arrow LSH
ChecklistLast Updated
Bill Sienkiewicz 04/07/99
Mike Grell 04/05/99
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez 03/04/98
Legion of Super-Heroes appearances 02/15/99
Legion of Super-Heroes reprints 03/31/98
Legion of Super-Heroes merchandise 04/01/99
Legion of Super-Resources (links) 03/07/99
Bill Sienkiewicz's
"Death" of the Endless
(the gold chase card)
Mike Grell's
"Green Arrow"
Superboy meets
the Legion of Super-Heroes

Bits O' Legionnaire Business

Legion logo Journey to the 30th Century to see the Legion of Super-Heroes:
Currently my Legion page contains:

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade

CCC logo If you were reading comics in 1978, you'll remember the "DC Implosion." DC cut a lot of titles right as they were getting ready to expand their lines, adding both titles and backup features. A bunch of material was ready to go to the printers, but then the axe fell. The result was the two volume Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, which was merely the stories photocopied onto 8-1/2 x 11 pages and bound. Only 35 copies were "printed", but thanks to the magic of the photocopy machine, these babies can be copied and bootlegged. Good thing, too, since an original runs over $1200 in the Overstreet Guide. Here is the long awaited CCC index, featuring a listing of all the stories, creators, and what the darn thing was about. Some of the stories were printed elsewhere; I cover that, too.

Latest review: Kamandi #60-61. Coming soon: Prez!.

Comic Convention Survival Guide

The Comic Convention Survival Guide was put together by a number of people on the rec.arts.comics.misc newsgroup; in particular, Matt High of Antarctic Press got the ball rolling and provided most of the info. Here's a list of helpful hints to make your con experience more enjoyable.

San Diego Comic Con 1995 report

SDCC logo I went to the 1995 San Diego Comic Con for the first time, where I met a large number of people from the rec.arts.comics.* and Compuserve groups. I had a blast, and here's my trip report.

The Grand Comics Database

GCD logo Help out with the Grand Comics Database project. The GCD is a grass-roots effort to index every comic ever published, and make that database available to the public. This index is planned to be searchable on just about any single key or combination of keys: title, character, writer, artist, editor, colorist, letterer, feature, etc. Check out this site for some examples, or ask me at the address at the bottom of the page if you're interested in helping.

Promo posters for sale

I have a bunch of promo posters that I'm offering to the highest bidder. This list has stuff from artists like Joe Linsner, Mike Kaluta, Joe Staton, Jim Starlin, Ken Steacy, Art Adams, Simon Bisley, Mike Mignola, John Byrne, Neal Adams, Jack Kirby, Dan Brereton, Brian Stelfreeze, Dwayne Turner, Jon Bogdanove, Dave McKean, Glen Fabry, Tim Truman, Evan Dorkin, Rick Hoberg, Will Eisner, Rob Liefeld, Sergio Aragones, Dennis Cowan, Alan Davis, Tom Palmer, Klaus Janson, Steve Ditko, Dan Jurgens, Barry Windsor-Smith, Brent Anderson, Jim Lee, and George Perez.

Additionally, I have autographed posters by Chris Claremont, Dwayne Turner, Garth Ennis, Howard Chaykin, Don Cameron, Jackson Guice, Bill Willingham, and the Brothers Hildebrandt.

Check it out; you may find something you like!

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