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Cancelled Comic Cavalcade

Originally posted to rec.arts.comics.dc.universe on 09/07/95

At the San Diego Comic Con in July 1995, a friend gave me a photocopy of Cancelled Comic Cavalcade. Mine is a 3rd generation copy of the original, which was itself a photocopy. I'll be posting here (as I complete them) reviews of each new story in the issue, with commentary on what happened prior to the story, what this one's about, what happened in the "real" DCU because this wasn't published, and whether or not the material eventually saw print. Some reprint information courtesy of Bill Wormstedt and the Grand Comics Database.

If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with the so-called "DC Implosion", when in the summer of 1978 DC cut back many of its titles and shrunk others in page count. What would have been 18 issues of various comics that had not been printed saw "print" here, some for the only time. For more info on the DC Implosion, visit James Kosmicki's page at http://www.concentric.net/~Scotth/dcimpl.html; for more info on CCC itself, keep reading.

The title is a takeoff on the 1942-1954 DC title "Comic Cavalcade," which featured at one point or another Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Wildcat, Black Pirate, Ghost Patrol, Sargon, Red Tornado, Black Canary, Johnny Peril, Fox and Crow, and Mutt & Jeff.

The "Cancelled Comic Cavalcade" logo in the background and on the various pages is as close as I could get to the original logo without a scanner. The logo is © DC Comics, Inc., and is a modified version of the logo to the original "Comic Cavlcade" title.

See the Intro page for a sample scan from each story. I scanned the cover where available, otherwise it's the first page.

Copies of any CCC story are available for a mere $5.00 each, or you can get a copy of the whole thing for $50.00 (that covers copies and P&H). Give me a holler!

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