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Originally posted to rec.arts.comics.dc.universe on 06/28/97


Hell if I know. "Prez" ran 4 issues from 1973-74, which was probably 4 issues too long. Itís from the legendary Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti, the same ... talented hands who created the lovable Green Team around the same time. (What KIND of talent, now, is debatable...)

Apparently Prez (no name given?) has somehow been elected the first teenage President of the USA. We know this because he wears a sweatshirt with the American Eagle and the word PREZ at the top and USA at the bottom. He also has this Native American friend named Eagle Free who hangs out with him. I donít know if any of the others were regulars.

As with the Green Team, DC (or rather, National Periodical Publications, at the time) appeared to be somewhat less than enthused about the new series, as it was cancelled after only 4 issues. Issue 5 was delivered sometime in 1973 and placed in inventory, later stamped N.P.P. INVT'Y in 2/74, 11/74, 11/75, and 11/76, before finally being written off (that's what it says, WRITTEN OFF 11-30-77 in rubber stamp) a year later.

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