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Lost World of the Warlord/Warrior Beasts

Beginning (and ending) in 1982, Remco put out a line of action figures designed to cash in on the "Masters of the Universe" craze: "The Lost World of the Warlord", based on characters created (mostly) by Mike Grell in his comic series "The Warlord", and a new line called "The Warrior Beasts". (Two of the figures in the Warlord series -- Arak and Hercules -- were actually from other comic book series.) All had bodies from the same mold, but with different skin and boot colors.

An early figure from the series had a 5-character card back, with 3 figures and 2 accessories: Warlord, Arak, Hercules, Warpult and Mighty Stallion (as a solo figure).

Shortly after that, a 6-character card back appeared, adding a figure named Warman to the Mighty Stallion and sold as a set called the Warteam, and a new figure set combining a lizard creature and a lizard-man called the Warbeast.

Later, the Warlord line grew to six characters while the Warbeast expanded into his (its? their?) own line as well called Warrior Beasts. As seen on the 14-character card, the Warlords and Warrior Beasts were compatible with the Sarge Team (Sarge, Ranger, Gunner, Chutes), Bad Guys (Snake, Shark, Buzzard, Wolf), Pirates (Tattoo, Patch, Peg Leg, Cutlass, Ribs, Crossbones), and Conan (Conan the King, Conan the Warrior, Devourer of Souls, Jewel Thief, Thoth Amon) series, as well as the "figures available soon" series of Raiders and Renegades.

Joining the Warlord himself were three characters from his comic book series: his friend Machiste, his enemy Deimos, and his friend Mikola who was sold separately as well as paired with the Mighty Stallion as the Warteam. (Actually, the character originally with the Warteam turned out to be -- with the addition of a cape and a change in weapons from a staff to a bow -- Mikola anyway.)

The Warrior Beasts were Skullman, Gecko, Wolf Warrior, Snakeman, Craven, Hydraz, and Zardus, with the Beast Team of Guana riding the Fire Dragon. Note the identical accessories among several of the Warlord/Beasts: Arak/Machiste/Snakeman/Hydraz/Craven with the knife and axe, Warlord/Zardus with the sword, and Mikola/Hercules/Gecko with the staff. With the exception of Zardus appearing on the later 13-character card in place of Wolf Warrior, the lines didn't change into 1983. Gecko and the Fire Dragon appear to have been the never-produced Warbeast set from the earlier 6-character card.

According to a January 1999 article in ToyFare magazine #17, later additions to the Warrior Beasts line were Ramar (solo and with Fire Dragon) and Stegos. Ramar apparently replaced Guana aboard Fire Dragon, and Guana was a solo figure. The Warlords and Warrior Beasts could play on the Journey Through Time playset.

At some point, Remco introduced a second version of the Warpult, though it's unclear which came first, the one with dark wheels/light structure or the one with light wheels/dark structure. Three other Warteams were introduced, a horse paired with three of the other characters (Warlord, Machiste, and Deimos). Strangely, they even came out with a series of three squirt guns (featuring Arak, Hercules, and Warlord) and a "roll-back wind-up" car called the Galaxy Racer. Not quite sure what was planned here, as these last two toys aren't really compatible with the action figure lineup.

I'm sure there are more items out there, based on the squirt gun and race car, but I'm unaware of them right now. Let me know if you've got more.

Lost World of the Warlord series

5 character card back

6 character card back

13 character card back

14 character card back

comic ad 1

comic ad 2

comic ad 3







Deimos/Mighty Stallion Warteam

Machiste/Mighty Stallion Warteam

Mikola/Mighty Stallion Warteam

Warlord/Mighty Stallion Warteam

Warpult with dark wheels/light structure

Warpult with light wheels/dark structure

Galaxy Racer

Arak Water Gun

Hercules Water Gun

Warlord Water Gun

Journey Through Time playset









Wolf Warrior


Guana and Fire Dragon

Ramar and Fire Dragon

Warbeast and unnamed figure

Gecko (Italy) - Zardus with a darker body

Guana (Italy)
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