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Collecting the Legion

Or: Just How Anal Retentive Are You, Anyway?

OK, I admit it. I'm an addict. I'm addicted to the Legion. I've got to have every last appearance, whether it's in the comics or in the peripheral merchandise. The comics you can find on my checklist page, but I've also got a separate merchandise page. And over on the LegionPics mailing list, every Monday I write a column about some sort of Legion collectible, its history and place in the grand scheme of things. Where else can you find out detailed information about the Legion action figures or promotional posters? (And who else cares?)

So anyway, here in chronological order and in glorious hypertext links, is the collected "Collecting the Legion".

No.Date Title Topic
01October 24, 2001 Oddball Stuff 1978 DC Calendar, 1990 LSH v4 postcards
02October 31, 2001 Welcome to the Wonderful Wacky World of Wegion....,
er, Legion Collectibles!
1966 Topps Foldee, 1980 Secrets of the LSH sticker
03November 06, 2001 Something old, something new Slurpee cups and checklist, cloisonne pin, pinback
04November 12, 2001 It's Moy-Caraniriffic! Moy/Carani convention posters, sticker set
05November 19, 2001 Lights, camera, action (figures)! Legion-related action figures
06November 26, 2001 Legionnaria obscura DC in-house folder, Super-Heroes wrapping paper
07December 3, 2001 Pick a Card, Any Card Legion promo trading cards
08December 10, 2001 History of the DC Universe The old hardcover, portfolio, poster, and new hardcover
09December 17, 2001 A Legion Sampler The three issues of "DC Sampler"
10December 24, 2001 Let's Watch TV The "Legends of the Super-Heroes" and "Superman Adventures" episodes
11December 31, 2001 Turn the Page 1976 & 1977 DC Calendars, 1988 calendar promo poster
12January 7, 2002 The Intergalactic Vigilante Squadron Overstreet Price Guide Update #2 and 1999 Price Guide
13January 14, 2002 Covering the Interviews Amazing Heroes #15, Comics Interview #16
14January 21, 2002 Promo Posters (part 1 of several) Armageddon: Inferno, Darkstars, Valor, Inferno
15January 28, 2002 Featuring a Cast of Hundreds the 1984 Giffen/Mahlstedt poster
16February 18, 2002 The Sourcebooks of All Knowledge Mayfair sourcebooks 1, 2, and 3
17March 11, 2002 Colossal Poster and Shrinking Cards the Alex Ross poster from Warner Brothers, and the Takatelas cards
18March 18, 2002 DC Super-Stars Society DC Super-Stars Society: LSH chapter pamphlet, Superman club poster
19March 25, 2002 Flight Ring Village 1989 promo for the upcoming v4 series
20April 1, 2002 Tempo Books and Polar Foils The Tempo reprint book and a look at an almost-project
21April 8, 2002 The Beginning of Tomorrow Some Zero Hour collectibles

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