The Unofficial Legion of Super-Heroes Post-reboot Drinking Game

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Drink every time:
...Lyle outthinks Brainy
Twice if Brainy compliments him for it

...Vi does something assertive before the assumption of her new personality

...Saturn Girl snaps at Cos about the UP or Madame Chu

...Leviathan cops an attitude about somebody new

...Gates spouts some dogma
Twice if someone tells him to "Shut up!" afterwards

...R.J. Brande says "By Damn"

...Jo mentions Tinya after her death
Chug if he does it without tears on his face

...Star Boy discovers a new super-power
Twice if he does it without hurting someone
Twice if the newly discovered power was one that existed before

...One of Brainy's inventions fails to work the way he expected it to.

...The Space Canine Patrol is shown.

...Ayla gets a present from the secret admirer
Twice if she wonders about who it might be in the same issue

...A Durlan tries to worship Cham
Twice if anyone beside Lyle notices

...Zoe appears after LSH #70
Twice if she appeared in the previous issue

...Rond whines about the Time Institute being shut down

...A new 30th century curse word is introduced
Drink twice for every time thereafter its used in the same issue
Three times if it appears to be a cultural reference

...Cos uses the Goldfarbian discs on his uniform
Twice if he forgets to retrieve them

...A preboot villain makes the villain's first postboot appearance

...A preboot supporting character makes the character's first postboot appearance

...Tenzil uses his eating abilities in a useful manner

...A preboot hero makes the hero's first postboot appearance
Twice if that character was a supporting character
Three times if the origin (if shown) is identical
Chug if it's a member of the Legion of Super-Pets other than Proty II

...Someone you know is tuckerized

Chug if:

...Chuck gets bouncing powers
...Ayla's powers are transformed to gravity-reduction powers
(And of course, for those not of legal drinking age, please substitute milk, Coke, fruit juice, or your non-alcoholic beverage of choice.)

Originally posted by T. Troy McNemar, Esq. []
Updates and suggestions by:
Gwendolyn Horton []

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