The Unofficial Legion of Super-Heroes V2/V3 Drinking Game

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...once when Superboy shows up post-v2 #259
twice when Supergirl shows up
three times when both are around together
chug when Legionnaires tweak Kal by talking about how they know their futures

...once when Dreamy flirts
twice when Thom's around
twice if Dreamy kisses someone that isn't Star Boy
three times when people comment about it
chug if anyone actually flirts back

...once when Blok moves in on the White Witch
once when T-Wolf calls him "pebble head" or variant thereof
twice when the Witch holds Blok's hand or arm
three times when WW's eyes are visible
chug if Blok+WW ever do anything more than above
twice if a team member openly says they can figure out BLOK (other than T-wolf)
three times if BLOK says he cannot figure out another persons habits (other Than T-wolf)
chug if Blok appears with a nose after he lost it.

...once when the Founding Three talk about being the Founding Three
twice when they talk about retiring/being active again
twice when Graym is "Nose-tweaker Lad"

...once when someone mocks Polar Boy's leadership
twice when another Legionnaire defends him
three times when he seems obsessed

...once when SPs show up
twice when it's a recurring character (Chief Zendak, Gigi Cusimano, Shvaughn Erin, Dvron)
three times if there's more than three and neither Shvaughn nor GiGi are among them

...once when Quislet repeats a word "Three! Three! Three!" times
twice when he blows something up by possessing it too long
three times if says "what fun!!" or "boring"
chug when he's modest about something

...once when the Legion's origin is retold
twice when a character's origin is retold
three times if all elements (art, dialogue, etc.) are consistent with another version of same
chug if a reasonable reason is given for any inconsistencies

...once when Legionnaires are in civilian clothes
twice when said civvies don't have some element of their costume incorporated in them
once (post v3 #54) when someone complains about the new Computo/Giffen-issue costumes
once if a Legionnaire complains about their costume
twice if Timber Wolf complains that his itches
chug if a SP shows up OUT of uniform (Zendak, Shvaughn, Cusimano)

...once when the rec room is shown
twice when hologame table isn't being used

...once when Brainy's colder than usual
twice when people comment about it
three times when he's working on a Big Plan
once when he pulls out a new invention
twice when it blows up
chug if it threatens more than a billion lives at once
once if Kara is mentioned
once if Brainy's invention fails to work the way he expected it to.
once if Supergirl displays her feelings for Brainy
twice when Brainy displays his feelings for Kara
three times if he brings up their relationship first

...once when Jacques Foccart speaks French
twice when he ruminates about his purpose as a Legionnaire
chug when a flashback encourages him
once if objects are seen floating around for no logical reason.
twice if the reason is proven to be Jacques in the same issue

...once when Brin's face changes
twice when he talks about being worth billions of credits
chug entire barrel when he actually does something with all that cash
once if he breaks or almost breaks something accidently
twice if it is not in the Lab or Rec room

...once when Sun Boy needles Gim as old and married
twice when someone pours drinks on his head
three times when his scientific abilities are mentioned
twice if takes credit for something he had nothing to do with (ie the weather)
three times when he hits on a woman (but only if you really want to get drunk)

...once when Wildfire moons over Dawnstar
twice when Dawny moons over Wildfire
three times when they actually touch one another
twice if any of the above occurs and Drake doesn't go "DAMN!" and then blow up (literally)
chug if someone comments or complains about wildfire's mooning or attitude
once if Dawnstar obsesses about wanting a man.
twice if she mentions that once more she will have to prove the worth of her powers to the Legion.
chug if she actually gets a personality.
once if Wildfire and Dawnstar mutually angst about how they can't be a couple since nothing physical could happen between them.

...once when Yera's shown
twice when she doesn't use her shapechanging abilities (besides impersonationg Vi, of course)
three times when Gim comments about being married to a woman of a thousand bodies

...once when the time bubble's used
twice when it goes somewhere besides Smallville

...once when Dr. Gym'll treats a Legionnaire
twice when he doesn't gripe about it
chug when his comc book collection appears
chug if he *Doesn't* gripe about his credit voucher for the job

...once if a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes is shown
twice if more than one appears together
three times if they're out of uniform

...once if a member of the Legion of Super-pets appears
twice when the Space Canine Patrol shows up
finish the keg when you see a phanty cat.

(And of course, for those not of legal drinking age, please substitute milk, Coke, fruit juice, or your non-alcoholic beverage of choice.)

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Updates and suggestions by:
The Flash []
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