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  1. What is Klordny Week?
  2. When is Klordny Week?
  3. What's the Ritual Klordny Toast?
  4. OK, really, what is Klordny? How do they celebrate it?

Q1. What is Klordny Week?

Klordny Week, as I've been saying for a while now, is just An Excuse To Have A Party. Plus it's International Elvis Appreciation Week, but I didn't know that when I created the 20th century version of the holiday back in 1995 (the fact that Klordny Week is the week that contains my birthday is pure coincidence).

Q2. When is Klordny Week?

Clip and save for future reference:

  • 2002: Aug. 11-17
  • 2003: Aug. 10-16
  • 2004: Aug. 08-14
  • 2005: Aug. 07-13

    Q3. What's the Ritual Klordny Toast?

    Raise a glass of Kono juice, for those who are under legal drinking age. Frozen margaritas (with salt) for those who are legal. Say with me now the Ritual Klorndy Toast:

    To freedom, friendship and frunt!
    (Whatever that means. But that's the beauty of it.... you can go out and get frunt, and you have an excuse. Sidne already has an excuse: it's the anniversary of her doctorhood!)

    To Freedom, Friendship, and Frunt!

    Q4. OK, really, what is Klordny? How do they celebrate it?

    So is Klordny a real 30th Century holiday or just an excuse to have a big party? Probably just an excuse to have a big party. Unfortunately, the original reason for this has been lost in the mists of time, since no one in the 30th Century knows why it's being celebrated, just that it's a time to celebrate. Everyone is in on the joke except the newbies, as revealed in "Superboy and the LSH" 232 (Oct. 1977):

    Klordny is typically celebrated with drinking and dancing. In the above scene, Shrinking Violet and Superboy were doing the twist on anti-grav disks along with Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl aboard "The Glory of Ganymede" luxury space liner.

    Klordny Week is dedicated to the memory of our fallen (for now) comrade, Gim "Leviathan" Allon.