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Bits O' Legionnaire Business

When putting this page together, I decided not to waste much time duplicating the efforts of others. So if you want to see something that's not on my page, see the Legion of Super-Resources.

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LSH 1976

Art by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano for the 1976 DC Calendar;
the Legion was the January 1976 picture. Click to jumbo-size it!

The Infamous Comic Book Anal Retentive Checklists
LSH 1996

Art by Alan Davis, cover of LSH v4 #80 (1996).
Click to jumbo-size it!

Collecting the Legion weekly column

For six monts between 2001 and 2002, I presented a (mostly) weekly column on hunting down all the various popular and obscure Legion-related merchandise out there. We've got posters (promotional and retail), stickers, action figures, cards, magazines, t-shirts, jewelry, books, caledars, portfolios, games, videos, clocks, folders, cups, wrapping paper, etc..... it will all be covered eventually when I get back to reviewing.

Legion Action Figures

Thumbnails and links to pictures of every Legion-specific character ever immortalized in lead or plastic, in an easy-to-find format.

Animated Legion

News and updates about the Legion as seen in animation, including Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, and the long-rumored Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes series.

Doug Atkinson's V4 FAQ 2.0 (1994)

Here's an outstanding work, a look at the Legion that was last updated in 1994.

Topics include: Where are they now, Pocket Universe/Time Trapper/Glorith, Kid Quantum, the SW6 batch, the Weisinger Chambers, gay Legionnaires, new characters, Black Dawn, Bounty, L.E.G.I.O.N., the destruction of the moon, the Adult Legion, different versions of the LSH, Foxmoor/Foxworth, bibliography, timeline, and supporting cast.

Who are the Mystery Legionnaires from Adventure 247?

There are a number of Legionnaires in the very first appearance of the Legion other than the 3 founders, but who are they? None are named, but there are clues aplenty...


A *really* tough quiz.


Download Kashif "Blue Panther" Husain's Interlac Hollow font for either Windows or Mac.
  • Windows Type 1: interlac-pct1.zip - 56k
  • Windows TrueType: interlac-pctt.zip - 36k
  • Mac Type 1: interlac-mact1.zip - 21k (This is a 21k .sit file that has been ZIPped)
  • Mac True Type: interlac-mactt.zip - 46k (This is a 46k .cpt file that has been ZIPped)

  • The long-awaited (well, by someone at least) Klordny FAQ!

    Ever wonder just what the heck Klordny is? Or when they celebrate it? What's the Ritual Klordny Toast? What's the comic history behind this fabulous 30th century party? The answers to these and more (not much more, though) are here in the FAQ.


    Ever wonder just how old the Legionniares are supposed to be (never mind how they're drawn sometimes)? Here's the definitive word, from Legion writer Tom McCraw. Remember, though, this was in 1994 and may not be canonical anymore.


    The Unofficial On-line version
    The Unofficial v2/v3 version
    The Unofficial Postboot version

    How a Comic is (un)Created

    The article about how they had to yank a page out of "Superboy" 212, the story where M-E Lad resigned. This is from "Amazing World of DC Comics" #9 and includes a scan of the page (unseen again until being reprinted in Archives #11).

    Dave Cockrum's Outsiders and Devastators

    Dave Cockrum created a number of characters during his run on the Legion in the early 1970's, but he didn't get to use some of them until he went to Marvel to work on the X-Men. Here are a couple of designs for groups that never appeared in the 30th Century, some of whom made it to Marvel.


    In 1978, just prior to the DC Implosion, DC offered a "fan club" for 12 different heroes and/or groups, called the "DC Superstars Society". The Legion was one of the chapters. I've transcribed the information for your reading pleasure.

    This pamphlet also has an LSH Quiz, but remember, it's only good up through 1978.


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