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Legion of Super-Resources
Thanks to Nik Stanosheck for this logo!

A comprehensive list of Legion-related resources on and off the internet
Last updated: October 15, 2001

The most recent version of this resource guide is kept at
with a mirror site at
If one is dated more than a couple weeks ago, check the other.

  • LSH on the web: main top-level web page
  • LSH on e-mail: mailing lists
  • LSH elsewhere on the internet: MUDs, MUSHes, IRC
  • LSH on Usenet and other Message Boards: bulletin-board style discussion
  • LSH downloadables: stuff that's not HTML, text, or GIF/JPG files
  • LSH non-internet online: AOL and Compuserve
  • LSH offline: APAs, conventions, meetings, and hardcopy reference material

    The other FAQs for this newsgroup may be found at:

  • A Brief Welcome to the group:
  • An Introduction to the rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh newsgroup:
  • An Introduction to the Legion of Super-Heroes:
  • The Frequently Asked Questions:

    Pseudo Quasi Semi Kinda Sorta Legal stuff

    This compilation is copyright 1996-2001 by Michael Grabois.
    It may be reused only with permission. Violators will be turned over to the Interplanetary Bank Beast Guards.


    If you want your page linked here, or if you know of another page that's not here, please tell us about it!
    You can send your information to Michael Grabois [WizardImps@hotmail.com].

    New Pages added to this list within the last month:

    [10/15] Damiano Brigo's Lar Gand of Daxam page
    [10/15] David Davila's LEGIONes web page
    [10/15] Chris Galdieri's Legion of Customized Action Figures
    [10/15] Vincent Guerrera's Doctor Vince's Cartoon Garden
    [10/15] Roy Johnson's Hopeless Artboy's Hopeless Home Page
    [10/15] Glen Cadigan's LSH Adventure & v4 Online Companion pages
    [10/15] Nick Stanosheck's Superboy and Triad Page of Love
    [10/15] The dreamgirlnura mailing list
    [10/15] The legionbookclub mailing list
    [10/15] The LegionFans mailing list
    [10/15] The Legionnaires_First_Person mailing list
    [10/15] The lshsim mailing list
    [10/15] The LSH_PBeM mailing list
    [10/15] The LSH-PugetSound mailing list
    [10/15] Interlac: the Legion APA Yahoo club message boards
    [10/15] Legion fan art Yahoo club message boards
    [10/15] Legion: Picking up the Pieces Yahoo club message boards
    [10/15] The LEGION HQ Yahoo club message boards
    [10/14] Michael Chabon interview on NPR

    Same Content, New Addresses added to this list within the last month:

    [10/15] Shizuka Abe's Encyclopedia Galactica page
    [10/15] Mariano Bayona Estradera's Spanish Superman Home Page
    [10/15] Jeff Grode's Mirror's Mirrorpage
    [10/15] Kim Jensen's Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe
    [10/15] H. Jameel al Khafiz's Legion animals pages
    [10/15] Esteban Mucientes Manso's La Legión de Super-Héroes en castellano page
    [10/15] Toymania's CustoMego page

    New Content added to this list within the last month:

    [10/15] Created an Interviews heading at the end of the web links, as a collection
    [10/15] Created a Webrings heading at the end of the web links

    New Downloadables added to this list within the last month:

    [10/15] Michael Hutchison's LSH Desktop Theme

    Dead Links that have been deleted (missing in action, last 4 months):

    [10/15] Cheeks the Toy Wonder's pages
    [10/15] FandomShop.com's LSH Pages
    [10/15] Hllywdstrz's Slide in Time
    [10/15] Bettina "Sk8maven" Helms's GURPS Legionnaires
    [10/15] Ray Mescallado's Professor Fanboy
    [10/15] Stephen Nicholson's Nexus Point/LSH WebRing
    [10/15] Scott Sharritt's Lightning Lad's Legion
    [10/15] Laurie E. Smith's L.E.G.I.O.N. Redux
    [10/15] FanFictionCentral mailing list
    [10/15] Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources message boards

    LSH on the Web

    LSH on e-mail (discussion)

    • AOL Chat Reports
      • An edited version of the chat logs from the twice-weekly AOL sessions into something semi-coherent. NOTE: this list has not been posted to since March 2000 as the chats reports (when they occur) are posted to various lists directly.
      • Send an e-mail to majordomo@mlists.com, in the body of the message type subscribe LSH-CHATS.
      • The original chat logs can be found in the Transcript Library in DC Comics Online on AOL. (Keyword: DC Chat). The chat reports are archived at http://archives.mlists.com/archives/lsh-chats/ (Jan. 1997-March 2000)

    • The APA-LSH mailing list
      • "This mailing list pertains to the Amateur Press Association known as APA-LSH, which was founded in 1994 by Tom & Mary Bierbaum and Bob Dobiesz... This mailing list is open to all members and waitlisters of APA-LSH past and present, and anyone interested in learning about APA-LSH."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/APA-LSH.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The dreamgirlnura mailing list
      • "This is the place for images and words about Nura Nal, aka Dream Girl and Dreamer, from DC Comics' Legion of Superheroes.."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dreamgirlnura.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com and are open to the public.

    • The FLUBBER mailing list
      • "Welcome to the official mailing list of F.L.U.B.B.E.R. (Fans of Legion Urging Bouncing Boy's Expediant Return), an organization dedicated to trying to get the writers of Legion of Super-Heroes to give Chuck Taine his Bouncing powers and membership in the Legion."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FLUBBER.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The gay-legion-fans mailing list
      • "With over a hundred main and supporting characters over the years, the Legion has had only 3 bisexual members come out of the closet. Could there be more? Who are they? ...."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gay-legion-fans.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com and are open to the public.

    • The gms-legion mailing list
      • "Georgia's fastest growing adventure comics serial is the GMS Legion, a small press parody of high school life in the 1980s. It started as a pastiche of DC's Legion of Super-Heroes, turned into a general hero parody, but has since taken on a life all its own..."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gms-legion.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.
      • List home page is http://www.geocities.com/gmslegion/gms.html

    • The legionbookclub mailing list
      • "A place where members discuss various issues of the Legion of Super-Heroes. All Legion eras are eligible for discussion, both pre- and postboot. "
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/legionbookclub
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The LegionFiction List

    • The Legion-List mailing list
      • "For discussion of all eras and incarnations of the Legion of Super-Heroes comic book and characters from DC Comics, from the Adventure Comics days through the reboot and Legion Lost. Features include news updates and chat reports. We try to be friendly and welcoming to all LSH fans."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Legion-List
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The legionnaires PBEM mailing list

    • The Legionnaires_First_Person mailing list
      • "This is a role-playing game where YOU take the Legionnaire of your choice...OR make up a NEW character to see if your creation has what it takes to be a Ring-Wearer! The only stipulation is that you "play" in first person!"
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Legionnaires_First_Person.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The LegionFans mailing list
      • "The Legion of Super-Fans is a discussion forum for fans of DC Comics' long running series, The Legion of Super-Heroes. "
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LegionFans.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The LegionPics mailing list
      • "Gallery by fans of DC Comics' famed Legion of Super-Heroes and related characters. View and post your favorite Legionnaires. Come join the fun! L.L.L."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LegionPics.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The LegionSH PBEM mailing list

    • Lev's Pic-list

    • The LGLFF mailing list
      • "LGLFF stands for "Legion of Gay Legion Fans and Friends". It's a list for gay and gay friendly fans of the DC comic "Legion of Superheroes" who are interested in both the current and past Legion's."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LGLFF.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The LMBP (Legion of Message Board Posters) mailing list

    • The lsh mailing list
      • "This a mailing list to talk about the Legion Of Superheroes, in any of its incarnations. Talking about other comics is not prohibited, but please keep it LSH."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lsh.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com are open to the public.

    • The LSH-L mailing list at Idyllmtn.com/mlists.com

    • The LSH_PBeM mailing list
      • "LSH-PBeM draws from all versions of the Legion mythos to create a new and unique vision of everybody's favorite 30th Century heroes! The game is free form so will require no books, dice or waiting for other players. Because of the potentially-adult material, membership will be restricted to 18 plus. "
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LSH_PBeM.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The LSH-PugetSound mailing list
      • "LSH-PugetSound is for fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes comic book series who live in the Puget Sound area... This list is not intended to be a discussion list about the Legion -- there are lots of other places to do that on the Net -- but rather to keep local fans in touch with each other."
      • To sign up, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LSH-PugetSound.
      • Achives are at yahoogroups.com for members only.

    • The LSHRPG PBEM mailing list

    • The lshsim mailing list

    • The newjusticeleague mailing list

    LSH elsewhere on the internet


    • The DCU Outpost at IDYLLMTN.COM

    • IRC chat on #legionnaires
        A real-time chat among fans
      • Channel #legionnaires on irc.dal.net
      • Regularly scheduled each Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central US time (0200 GMT/UTC Wednesday from April to October, 0300 GMT/UTC Wednesday from November to March)
      • Meetings typically last around an hour

    • The LSH MUX at TOKYO3.COM

    LSH message boards

    LSH downloadables

    LSH non-internet online

    • America On-Line (AOL)
        Weekly chats with the creative teams; message boards
      • Legion of Super-Heroes Chat is held every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Eastern. Legionnaires Chat is held every Thursday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.
      • Hit CTRL+K and get the "Keyword" box. Type "Chat DC" and then select the right chat room (usually labelled LSH or L*). If it's not there, it will be in either "DC Comics Online I" or "DC Comics Online II". If you need to change rooms, just close the window with the chat room.
      • Lots of new and long-time fans attend as well as pros; past pro attendees have included Ron Boyd, John Byrne, Cory Carani, KC Carlson, Keith Giffen, Mike McAvennie, Tom McCraw, Jeff Moy, Tom Peyer, Roger Stern, and Mark Waid
      • The original chat logs can be found in the Transcript Library in DC Comics Online on AOL. (Keyword: Chat DC)
      • For the Legion message board, Keyword "DC Comics", then click on the button on the Superman picture. Click on the "Convention Center" in the Gotham City skyline. The Legion folder is in the DC Universe folder.

    • Compuserve Interactive Services (CIS)
        Comics and Animation Forum
      • from main menu, use the "GO" interface (press the stoplight icon or CTRL+G) and type GO COMIC
      • Best places to post messages are section 1 (General) and 3 (Comic Books)
      • Lots of new and long-time fans
      • Chaim Mattis Keller's LSH.HLP file located in Library 3

    LSH offline

    • APAs (Amateur Press Association)
      APAs are the original lifeblood of Legion fandom, in part responsible for the revival of the LSH title in the early 70's. The Legion Outpost (1972-1981) was the first LSH-based apa; three others are still around in North America. APA-247 is a UK-based LSH APA (R.I.P. Inertron, another one from the UK). These are the known existing LSH APAs.
      • Interlac (1976-present), home page http://members.aol.com/interlac/. "INTERLAC is a bi-monthly amateur publishing alliance (APA) devoted to the Legion of Super-Heroes, comics, and popular culture. MEMBERSHIP is limited to 50 roster slots. The minimum activity requirement is 4 collated and stapled pages in any 3 consecutive mailings." Contact Central Mailer Eric Schultheis, at Pheersum@Netwizards.Net for more info.
      • Klordny (1981-present), home page http://members.aol.com/klordny/apa/klordny.htm. "KLORDNY is an Amateur Press Alliance (APA), published bi-monthly and devoted to comic books in general and the Legion of Super-Heroes (LSH) in particular. MEMBERSHIP is limited to twenty-five (25) people and is open to anyone with an interest in the LSH. MINAC (minimum activity) is two (2) pages every two (2) mailings. Only pages relating to the LSH, comics in general, and Klordny mailings (ie. mailing comments) shall count toward minac." Contact Centrail Mailer CARL FISHMAN, 2610 International Dr. #909C, Ypsilanti, MI 48198, or our NEW President: HENRY R. KUJAWA, 1202 Everett Street, Camden, NJ 08104. Henry can be reached at profh@gateway.net for more info.
      • APA-LSH, home page http://groups.yahoo.com/group/APA-LSH. "Membership is limited to 50 members, the minimum activity requirement is 4 pages in any 3 consecutive mailings, the copy count will be set by the CM and will not exceed 60 (current copy count is 30), publication is bi-monthly (currently even months). Contact Central Mailer Eric Henrickson at apalsh@aol.com for more info.
      • APA-247, no web site. "APA-247 is a group of about 30 fans who contribute a minimum of 2 pages of Legion related material every two months. Further details can be obtained from the Central Mailer, currently - Howard Stangroom, c/o 30th Century Comics, 18 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1JP, UK; 0181 788 2052 (UK), +44 181 788 2052 (Int'l); Morgan247@bigfoot.com.

    • Conventions
      • Legion creators are frequently at major conventions, in particular the Comic Con International: San Diego and Wizard World Chicago (formerly the Chicago Comic-Con)
      • There is usually a dinner planned for those fans and creators who want to attend, mostly from the online community.
      • Conventions are a good chance to meet the creative team, get autographs, and buy sketches.
      • There may even be a special panel for the Legion.

    • Reference Material
      • Amazing World of DC Comics #9 (1 issue, 11/75), published as a fanzine by DC Comics.
      • Character Sourcebook (item #213, 1986), published as part of a role-playing game system by Mayfair, co-written by then-current writer Paul Levitz.
      • World Sourcebook (item #216, 1986), published as part of a role-playing game system by Mayfair.
      • The [Official] Legion of Super-Heroes Index (5 issues, 12/86-5/87), published by Independent Comics Group, written by Mark Waid. This series indexed each major appearance of the Legion from Adventure 247 (4/58) to Action 390 (7/70). Included in each issue is a bio of the Legionnaires that joined during the period covered in that issue, a cover reproduction, creator credits, all characters (including annotated chronologies), comments, and a synopsis. Waid indexed up to v3 #28, but the series was cancelled before all his information could be published.
      • Atlas of the DC Universe (item #247, 1987), published as part of a role-playing game system by Mayfair.
      • Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes (7 issues, 4/88-11/88), published by DC Comics, written by Barbara Randall [Kesel], with Paul Levitz as research consultant and Mark Waid and Karen Berger as editors. This was a Legion-specific version of DC's Who's Who in the DC Universe series, which was a listing of virtually all DC characters in an encyclopedia-like format. This series focused on the Legion and its supporting cast of heroes, villains, friends, and relatives. In addition to listings and pictures of everyone from Absorbancy Boy to Zymyr, it also touched on the Legion's history, homeworlds, Interlac, the Mission Monitor Board symbols, the Legion Constitution, HQ, Earth, and Metropolis.
      • Character Sourcebook 2995 (item #263, 1992), published as part of a role-playing game system by Mayfair, co-written by then-current writers Tom and Mary Bierbaum.


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