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Collecting the Legion 001: Oddball Stuff

For a change of topic.... there are a few of us out there who are obsessive collectors of Legion appearances inside and outside of the comics. I coined the phrase "anal retentive collector" to cover what I collect -- not just the comics, but I *have* to have the books, posters, pins, action figures, magazine articles, and whatnot. I'm sure there are others out there too.

Anyway, everyone is familiar with the comics, but I'm sure many (or even most) of you haven't seen the weird, hard-to-find, and obscure stuff out there, so I'll be starting to post pics of them to the list (or at least links to them).

First up: the 1978 DC Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters. Front cover by Neal Adams, this one has a hero fighting someone else's villain with a new picture each month drawn by one of that hero's artists. Batman vs. Dr. Light (Giordano), Flash vs. Mr. Freeze (Novick), GL/GA vs. Queen Bee (Grell), Aquaman vs. Weather Wizard (Aparo), etc. The December page shows Karate Kid and the Legion vs. Toyman, art by Sherman and Abel, who were the art team on both the regular Legion book and Karate Kid's solo book at the time (late 1977).

Next: in 1990, shortly after the release of the Giffen/Bierbaum v4, DC put out a set of 15 postcards featuring the then-current cast, with art by Giffen/Gordon/McCraw. Sidne Ward has them on her page at with additional commentary.

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