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Collecting the Legion 004: It's Moy-Caraniriffic!

If it's Monday, it must be Legion Collectibles day.... and due to unanimous demand (OK, only one person asked to see anything in particular) here's a sample of Jeff Moy and Cory Carani.

During the 1996-98 convention seasons, Jeff and Cory brought with them a stack of posters that they drew and had printed up at their own expense (Jeff, feel free to embellish!) to hand out to fans as thanks for supporting them on the Legion books. The first, from 1996, shows the Legion ladies at the time -- Saturn Girl, Andromeda, Spark, XS, Triad, and Shrinking Violet. The second, from 1997, is an alternate unused version of what became the 1996 T-shirt (compare this to the actual shirt design). The third, from 1998, is an update of the 1996 print, showing the Lady Legionnaires not on the original -- Dreamer, Kid Quantum, Umbra, Apparition, Kinetix, and Shvaughn Erin. There was no fourth, from 1999, as Jeff and Cory were no longer on the Legion books.

(Jeff Moy later said "The fourth print would've been a LegionWear poster with the Legion gals sporting spiffy swimsuits. Unfortunatly since we were leaving the book the idea was shelved but the basic design was pretty close to the cover of Legionnaires #77, the beach issue.")

To round out this week's Moy/Carani theme, check out the easy-to-find set of stickers that came out in 1997.


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