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Collecting the Legion 006: Legionnaria obscura

A couple of things this week to show you... there are some profoundly obscure items out there that just happen to have some Legionnaires on them, but if you're a Legion fan, then they're collectible. In fact, I never would have even found them if not for the magic of eBay keyword searches.... and I'm still looking.

From somewhere in the neighborhood of 1982: a folder. Not something you would normally think about looking for, but the person who sold it on eBay listed the people on it. Judging by the cast of DC characters -- in addition to the Big 3-1/2 of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Robin, it shows the Legion's founders, JLA, Marvel Family, Teen Titans, Batgirl, Plastic Man, Supergirl, JSA, and Super-Babies -- it looks to date from the early 80's. Art is most likely by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. You can make out the "666 Fifth Avenue" address; anyone know how long it's been since they moved from there? This was probably some in-house corporate office supply thing. I don't remember how much it went for, but I haven't seen another once since then (and the time/date stamp on the picture is May 1999).

Also from 1980 (at least that's the copyright date)... remember when you were a kid and got all that cool super-hero stuff like birthday cards, cups and plates, wrapping paper, and other party favors? Well, in the late 70's someone at Warners corporate decided that the Legion should be part of a particular design of super-hero wrapping paper. The art looks like the team of maybe Ross Andru or Neal Adams on pencils and Dick Giordano on inks (maybe even his pencils). In addition to the Big 3-1/2, there's also Green Lantern, Flash, Supergirl, Superboy, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, and Aquaman -- all of whom were also on the folder above. But this also has a group shot of several Legionnaires: Brainiac 5, Wildfire, Light Lass, Colossal Boy, Chameleon Boy, Mon-el, Shrinking Violet, Lightning Lad, Bouncing Boy (!?), Timber Wolf, Shadow Lass, and Saturn Girl. No idea why they chose these guys. I've seen this one a few times since early 1999 (the date stamp on the picture) but I'm never successful in bidding on it.

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