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Collecting the Legion 007: Pick a Card, Any Card

So you think you have all of the trading cards featuring the Legion, huh? You've got:

  • the four Cosmic Cards featuring the Great Darkness Saga and Legends;
  • the 30 Cosmic Teams cards featuring triptychs of the L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Legionnaires, Phase and the the SW6 Legionnaires, Valor and Timber Wolf as the "New Breed" of heroes, and the box the cards came in;
  • the DC Master Series subset of 9 with a mix of old and young Legionnaires;
  • the DC Power Chrome subset of 12;
  • the three Kingdom Come cards and the foldout;
  • and even the cards that reprinted the Death of Superman poster in which Phase, Valor, and a number of SW6 Legionnaires are in mourning.
    You even went so far as to get the four cards in the Bloodlines set, even though two of them feature Jamm.

    But you might not have all of these....

    In 1993 DC and Skybox put out the Cosmic Teams cards, 150 cards with heroes and villains with new art (by the likes of Hughes, Sprouse, Templeton, and Pearson on the LSH ones), and triptychs of teams (plus the usual holograms). In 1992, however, Skybox also issued three of these cards polybagged with different magazines. The difference between a promo card and a regular card can be seen on the back, where generic text replaces the feature. Card #00 was Dragonmage (from Wizard #19), card #000 was Catspaw (from the March/April 1993 Comics Buyer's Guide Price Guide), and card #0000 was Computo (from "Legionnaires" #1). Card #0, by the way, was Deathstroke the Terminator, so don't worry about it. Due to the relative popularity of Wizard, if you don't have it you're more likely to find the Dragonmage promo card than any of the others. And Catspaw is the toughest one of the three to find.

    But wait, there's more.... turns out that there was also an Apparition card, #P1. I got mine a few years ago from someone connected with DC who said that they were probably going to have been given away at conventions in summer 1992, but nobody remembers if that happened or not. If it did, there are apparently none in circulation.

    Next is a "you had to be there" card. To promote the first teamup of the new Superboy and the new Legion in 1995, DC printed up Legion ID cards that say I'm a member in good standing of the Legion. On the back is a list of the 3-part teamup ("Superboy" 21, "LSH" 74, and "Legionnaires" 31). An aside: now I have membership cards for both the Legion and Marvel's Avengers (from when their "Solo Avengers" title started).

    And those are just the EASY ones to find. When I get some scans, a future listing will have some even more obscure cards that I didn't even know about until fellow obsessed fan Joe Morano showed me them in person.

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