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Collecting the Legion 014: Promo Posters (part 1 of several)

This week, a look at some posters that retailers get as promotional material (commonly known as "promo posters"). The ones I'm presenting all have an overall theme: solo Legionnaires in the 20th century.

The 1992 miniseries "Armageddon: Inferno" was a sequel to 1991's "Armageddon: 2001", which introduced Monarch and Waverider and looked ahead at the near future of 2001. Boy, it's a good thing none of that ever happened! In the sequel, which I barely remember except that it had a lot of time travel, Jo Nah (the former Ultra Boy from the 30th century of the v4-era Legion) teamed up with Batman for one reason or another. I think it was around the time he got zapped back in time (by Glorith in the Annual?) to ancient Egypt, and he was making his way back home. In any event, the miniseries spawned a promo poster with some interesting teamups: Lobo and Enemy Ace, Hawkwoman and Sgt. Rock, and Jo Nah and Batman.

Also in 1992, a third interstellar police force came along. "First the Green Lantern Corps protected the universe alone... then L.E.G.I.O.N. joined the fight.... Now there are the Darkstars!" You may remember in 1993 they all teamed up in "DC Universe: Trinity" to divide up the galaxy on what they would protect. Of course, within a few years all three of them were gone. But in any event, the poster features the three groups, including the L.E.G.I.O.N. (anyone else besides me remember what that stands for?), and the former Phantom Girl was a founding member as the amnesiac calling herself Phase. At least, that was back when she was still Tinya Wazzo and not her cousin Enya (no relation to the singer).

Yet again in 1992, the summer Annuals had a bookend miniseries with interconnected stories among the annuals. This one featured Eclipso: the Darkness Within, where he tried to take over the various heroes with his purple gems. Coming out of the 1988-89 miniseries "Invasion!" was Daxamite Lar Gand, who turned out to be Eclipso's nemesis during this series. When the bookend/Annual series ended, each character split off into his own book. Neither survived more than a couple of years, but Valor's book lead into the "End of an Era" storyline which culminated in Zero Hour in 1994.

Finally out of 1992 and into 1996, half of the now-rebooted Legion found itself stranded in the 20th century, including a couple of non-Legionnaires Shvaughn Erin and Inferno. The Legion eventually (finally!) made it back to the 30th century, but Inferno chose to stay behind to find herself (which she did with a panda in a shopping mall). She's been in the background ever since, but she was the first solo character to get their own miniseries since the reboot.

All of these images were cribbed from ebay, by the way. I never got around to scanning cleaner copies, but I will one of these years.

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