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Collecting the Legion 018: DC Super-Stars Society

In late 1977, DC proposed a fan club called the DC Super-Stars Society with a dozen chapters, devoted to a number of its popular characters and teams: alphabetically, they were for Batman, Black Lightning, DC's Battle Stars, Flash, Green Arrow & Black Canary, Green Lantern, JLA, JSA, the Legion, Shazam!, Superman, and Wonder Woman. (For the record, DC was publishing 37 titles at the time, and they could have had chapters for the Secret Society of Super-Villains, Aquaman, Mr. Miracle/New Gods, mystery/horror, Jonah Hex, Warlord, or Kamandi, according to a subscription form).

The first ad appeared in the December 1977 issues (the one below is from "Superboy and the LSH" #235) at a full page, followed by half-page ads (in which DC's Battle Stars was changed to DC's War Heroes) in issues 238 (3/78), 243 (9/78), and 244 (10/78). It was all timed to coincide with the DC Explosion, in the summer of 1978. You'd send your SASE and in return you'd get a 4-page pamphlet: an intro, a trivia quiz, a pitch for the other chapters, and the subscription form for that chapter. The Legion pamphlet arrived in the mail in July 1978 (just before my 12th birthday), and I eagerly sent in my $4 for my Special Charter Membership Kit, which would have taken 8-10 weeks for delivery. Unfortunately, it never came. I did get my money back, though.

But 1978 was also infamous at DC for the aftermath of the Explosion, popularly known as the DC Implosion, in which a large number of titles and projects were cancelled by Warner execs (see Fanzing and FanUniverse for more info). The DC Super-Stars Society was one of the casualties. As far as I know, only the Superman club ever put something out (more on that in a bit).

The front page had the logo for the DC Super-Stars Society and the 2-page group picture of the Legion from "All-New Collector's Edition" C-55, the wedding tabloid, art by Mike Grell and Vince Colletta, featuring Superboy holding up the three founders (who are standing on a platform made of Cham that reads "Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes") and flanked by 18 other Legionnaires. (Of course, it just begged to be colored, so I did.) The text was a generic pitch for the Society, telling you what you'd get for joining. It would be "the latest word in fan clubs, designed to save you money on subscriptions, give you a chance to make friends who share your interest in DC Comics, and become more involved with your favorite heroes."

Page 2 was the LSH Quiz, a dozen questions for you to answer. The order form on the back had a space for you to fill in how many you got right, but no matter what score you got, they'd accept you anyway. For the record, when I took this in 1978, I had only been reading the Legion for three years, so I only missed 3 of the 12 questions. You can find a text version of the quiz and the answers elsewhere.

Page 3 has the Membership kit details:

The Lopez poster is available from time to time on eBay. It was issued with the Superman club packet and possibly earlier in 1978 with a subscription to Direct Currents, a DC preview newsletter. And it also happens to be a Legion collectible in itself, as it's got a half dozen or so Legionnaires.

The back cover has a reduced version of the full-page splash on page 6 of issue 239 (featuring the Legion swooping down on Ultra Boy, who has been framed for the murder of An Ryd), art by Starlin. The answers to the trivia quiz are there too, as are a larger picture of the DCSSS logo/patch and the application form "to become a lifetime member of the DC Super-Stars Society" for just four bucks to get the Special Charter Membership Kit. The headshot of Chameleon Boy with the order form is from page 18 panel 4 of issue 239 also.

As I said, I never got my Special Charter Membership Packet. I know that the Superman one came out, but I'm not sure if the Legion one ever did.

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