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Collecting the Legion 021: The Beginning of Tomorrow

Zero Hour - which had the tag line "The Beginning of Tomorrow - didn't mean Zero Collectibles as far as Legion stuff goes.

DC had a big promotional push for 1994's Zero Hour. We all know what a huge impact it had on the Legion - the biggest event in Legion history since the Giffen/Bierbaum "Five Years Later" relaunch (ironically five years before), perhaps the biggest event ever in Legion history since it resulted in the reboot. Among the various collectibles were comics, posters, and even a clock.

One of these was the Zero Month Sampler comic, written as a Daily Planet special section, plugging the then-current DC lineup: Superman titles, the Ray/Superboy, JLA/JLTF, Flash, Batman titles, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the new Green Lantern and Green Arrow (Kyle and Connor), the new titles (Primal Force, REBELS, Manhunter, Deathstroke the Hunted, Starman, and oh yeah, Legionnaires). The Legion page is a reprint of some promo art. The cover has Tom Grummet art which you'll recognize from the promo poster: Superboy, Spectre, Starman, Darkstar Donna Troy, Red Tornado, Andromeda, Vril Dox, Batman, Green Lantern (Kyle), the Ray, Superman, and Robin.

At the same time, Overstreet Fan magazine (or was it Wizard?) published a special Zero Month preview issue. It came polybagged with its own comic called "Zero: The Beginning of Tomorrow", with the same art but a different logo. This was a different look at the changes coming to the DCU due to Zero Hour. I'd tell you more about it if I could find my copy, though.

As the group Chicago sang, "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?" Well, with your very own Zero Hour clock, you can decide for yourself. It features the same This clock is powered by a single AA battery and measures about 12 inches per side. This clock came in its own plain white box but is usually found without it.

That Grummet poster really got around - it was also used for a promo poster, too (which I don't have a picture of).

A totally different poster - this was for retail, not a promo - by Jurgens and Ordway, featuring some of the major characters except for Parallax (who was secretly controlling Extant), shows the time-lost Jo Nah and Livewire.

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