The Unofficial Legion of Super-Heroes On-Line Drinking Game

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Drink every time:
...The Floating V4 Flamewar starts up.

...The Floating Legion Racial Diversity Flamewar starts up.

...The Floating Sexism/Objectification Flamewar starts up.

...The Floating Pronunciation Flamewar starts up.

...Someone's Anti-Defamation League is mentioned.
Twice, if a new Anti-Defamation League is started.
Three times, if a new Defamation League is started.

...Someone says a Legionnaire should be gay.
Twice if it's Jan, Ayla, or Vi.
Three times if it's Lyle or Condo.
Chug if it's Gates.

...The LSH team says there's no plans for a particular character in one of Troy's reports.
Twice if someone asks when Tinya or Ferro is coming back.
Twice if the team says that Marvel's afraid of the Legion.
Three times if the team says there are no plans for a third Legion series, but a miniseries is a possibility.
Finish the keg if the Legion actually teams up with Marvel characters.

...Somebody follows up a 50 or more line article to just say "Me too!"

...A simple comment ignites a flamewar.
Twice if it's a Floating Flamewar.

...Someone tries to make head or tails out of LSH Science.
Twice if the use diagrams, equations or cite books.

...Michael Grabois brings up the "Klordny" quotes.

...Someone de-lurks.

...Someone misspells Ayla, Luornu, Imra, Cargg, Bgztl, or Shvaughn.
Twice if someone mispronounces Ayla.

...Someone tries to think of a way to bring back the preboot version.

...Someone tries to think of a way to bring back Tinya.

...Someone tries to think of a way to tie Phase into current continuity.

...Dr. Mayavale is mentioned.

...Tom Peyer, Roger Stern, or Ron Boyd posts a message.
Twice if Tom McCraw or Jeff Moy show up.
Three times if KC Carlson shows up.
Chug if RobRaza shows up.

...Someone comments about a character's tongue in a Moy story.
Chug if they're keeping a list.

...Someone thinks of a way to keep the "Mon-el" name.

...Someone says "This isn't my Legion".

...Mordru's Vaudeville career is discussed.
Twice if Glorith is mentioned as his partner.
Three times if any other villain is mentioned.

...Someone mentions "Deathboing", "Arm-Fall-Off Lad", or "Fortress Lad."

...Yeechang Lee's IRC announcement shows up on time.

...Someone takes a poll.

...Someone mentions one of the Anal Retentive lists.

...Someone disparages the "Timber Wolf" miniseries.
Three times if they try to defend it.

...Someone wishes Chris Sprouse or Adam Hughes would take up the art chores.

...Someone starts an X-Men vs. Legion thread.
Three times if someone posts in a non-flammatory manner.

...Buy a round for the group if your name is Tuckerized into a story.
Chug if someone mentions your new "Legion number."

...Chug if someone claims that the "Wanderers" series is what got them into the Legion.

(And of course, for those not of legal drinking age, please substitute milk, Coke, fruit juice, or your non-alcoholic beverage of choice.)

Originally posted Feb. 11, 1996 by Michael Grabois []
Updates and suggestions by:
T. Troy McNemar, Esq. []
Mike Morris []

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