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version 2.0 Compiled by Doug Atkinson, douga@earlham.edu

Edited by Vernon Harmon, vernon@cs.cmu.edu HTML by Vernon Harmon, vernon@cs.cmu.edu
Welcome to the LSH FAQ!

This FAQ is intended to serve as an overview of certain popular topics of discussion regarding the Legion of Super-Heroes. Each question here has been hashed out on rec.arts.comics or rec.arts.comics.misc, or in the Omnicom mailing list, enough to qualify as being Frequently Asked. Some of these questions don't have answers yet; if not, the information available is given instead.

The first version of this FAQ dealt almost exclusively with the current series(v4). The second release adds some long- standing, older issues that are still relevant. This version is a larger overhaul, reflecting changes caused by the change in creative teams.

Questions covered:

(Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are new to this version. Questions marked with a plus (+) have been substantially modified since the last version.)

+1. Where are they now?
+2. What's the story with the Pocket Universe/Time Trapper/Glorith?
3. Who is Kid Quantum?
+4. Who are the SW6 Batch? And which of them are clones?
5. Who were the Dominators holding in the Weisinger Chambers?
6. Are Ayla and Vi friends or lovers? And what about Jan and Shvaughn?
7. What are the origins of the new characters? And who created them?
+8. What was Black Dawn?
9. What is the connection between the LSH and L.E.G.I.O.N.?
10. How was the moon destroyed? And who is Dev-Em?
11. What was the Adult Legion story?
12. How many versions have there been of the original LSV?
13. Who is Foxmoor? Or Foxworth? Or whatever?
*14. What is the history of the Legion SUBS?
*15. What is the LSH's publishing history?
+Appendix I: Timeline of the LSH
+Appendix II: Guide to the supporting cast

A brief glossary of terms and abbreviations:

Adult Legion:
The Legion of the future, set during the team's teenage days, as a flash-forward to their adult days. See question 12. Not to be confused with the current adult Legion.
Five-Year Gap:
The time passed behind the scenes between the end of volume 3 (2989) and the beginning of volume 4 (2994).
The (adult) Legion of Super-Heroes. Members are referred to as LSHers, to distinguish them from the younger Legionnaires. This is the convention used throughout the FAQ, except in quoted material. (In other words, a reference to "Legionnaire Brainiac 5" means the young Querl; "LSHer Brainiac 5" is the older model.)
Tom McCraw, current LSH writer and colorist.
From "retroactive continuity," a term used on r.a.c.m. to refer to a change made to a comic's established continuity in a later comic. This may contradict previous versions of continuity, or it may complement the story and add details without actually overriding anything established. Changing Zoon to Zuun, or Bgztl to Bgtzl, are examples of the former; saying that Cosmic Boy was born on Earth and was a magno- ball champion is an example of the latter.
Sourcebook, the:
Mayfair Games' 2995: THE LEGION OF SUPER- HEROES Sourcebook, written by T&M Bierbaum.
Science Police.
Science Police Earth.
Tom and Mary Bierbaum, former scripters/writers of the current series and writers of LEGIONNAIRES.
Location of the LSH's current headquarters.
The United Planets.
Weisinger Chambers:
The series of underground chambers under Weisinger Plaza, former site of the LSH Headquarters.

Abbreviations used:

ACT: Action Comics
ADV: Adventure Comics
LGS: Legionnaires
LSH: Legion of Super-Heroes, in four volumes:
SBOY: Superboy
SLSH: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes
SMAN: Superman
TLSH: Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes
WWLSH: Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes

1. Where are they now?

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This section covers the changes in character's histories between the conclusion of volume 3 and the beginning of volume 4, as well as including the members who have joined since. Every person who has ever been a member is treated. Not all changes to characters that have occurred during the current series are treated, however--this section is primarily intended to cover the Five-Year Gap.

Cosmic Boy:
Rokk Krinn of Braal. Married Lydda Jath (Night Girl); they now have a son, Pol Jath Krinn. Rokk was drafted into the Braalian military for the war with Imsk; during the battle of Venado Bay, his powers were removed by the magnetic- powers damper (a device the Imskite military used that killed or crippled Braalians by acting on their magnetic powers; see LSH v4 #20). In 2994 Reep recruited him for the new LSH as co-leader; he became sole leader after Reep resigned in June of 2995. His powers are gradually returning, aided by enhancers built by Brainiac 5.
Lightning Lad:
Garth Ranzz of Winath. AND Saturn Girl: Imra Ardeen Ranzz of Titan. Retired to Winath to run a plantation. Mekt Ranzz, now reformed, works for them. They have two more children, Dacey and Dorritt Ranzz, born 4/13/95. Their son Garridan (Validus) turned out to be carrier of a plague that only affected Winathians and Titanians, apparently connected to his previous transformation by Darkseid.A cure has yet to be found. Garth was affected by the plague, disfiguring his arm and leg; he now walks with a cane. It has been revealed that, when Garth died at the hands of Zaryan the Conqueror, he was actually dead; Proty I transferred his mind and life-force into him using the life-transfer machine. He has had Proty's mind ever since.
Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel:
Luornu Durgo Taine of Carggg. AND Bouncing Boy: Chuck Taine of Earth. In 2990 they closed the Legion Academy and founded the United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar. Recently, Luornu got back the body that had been killed by Glorith, and discovered that Querl had given her the ability to project force fields.
Phantom Girl:
Tinya Wazzo of Bgztl. She was engaged to Jo, but sent back in time to the 20th Century by Glorith (exchanging her with the Durlan who became R.J. Brande). Deprived of her memory, she became Phase of L.E.G.I.O.N. The 30th Century believes she was killed in a transportation accident.
Chameleon Boy/Chameleon:
Reep Daggle of Durla. Left the LSH to run Brande Industries. In late 2994 he decided to revive the LSH, with himself and Rokk as co-leaders. In June of 2995, he left the team to become adult advisor to the Legionnaires.
Colossal Boy:
Gim Allon of Earth. Stayed with the LSH until it disbanded, then became an SP officer. He is unable to use his powers without considerable pain, due to the injuries given him by Starfinger II.
Invisible Kid I:
Lyle Norg of Earth. Still dead, although Mordru temporarily revived him as a zombie.
Kid Quantum:
"James Cullen of Xanthu." See later section on him.
Kara Zor-El/Linda Lee Danvers of Argo City. Retconned into nonexistence. A Supergirl exists on 20th century Earth, but she has not joined the LSH. (She is from the Pocket Universe, so there is still some connection.)
Laurel Gand
of Ricklef II. Fills Supergirl's niche in the LSH. Her origin was given in LSH v4 #9. Since leaving the LSH after the conspiracy against Glorith, she became the common-law wife of Rond Vidar. They have a daughter, Lauren. She rejoined the team when they were rescuing Mysa from Mordru. B.I.O.N. severely injured her, thinking she was the SW6 Laurel; she has finally healed.
Brainiac 5:
Querl Dox of Colu. Wound up on Winath, attempting to solve the problem of the Validus Plague. Rejoined the LSH when it re-formed. Glorith recently aged him to a great age; it is unclear if this will last, or how it will affect him.
Kal-El/Clark Kent of Krypton (Pocket Universe). His career as an LSHer was extremely shortened; see the later listing of Superboy II. [Note: This entry is for the original, pre-Crisis, Earth-1 Superboy.]
Lar Gand of Daxam. Married to Tasmia Mallor; they are exploring the galaxy.
Ultra Boy:
Jo Nah of Rimbor. After Tinya disappeared, he returned to Rimbor and became a Silverale smuggler; competitor Kono eventually joined him. He travelled to Winath for Blok's funeral and was sent five thousand years into the past by Roxxas; upon his return, he joined the re-formed LSH. He now knows that Glorith has some connection to Tinya's disappearance.
Star Boy:
Thom Kallor of Xanthu. Married Yvyya Val, owner of the Naltor Dreamers batball team, and was named manager of the team in late 2991.
Shrinking Violet:
Salu "Vi" Digby of Imsk. For patriotic reasons, she left the LSH to join the Imskian military in 2991. She became a Field Commander, and lost an eye at the battle of Venado Bay (she was given a mechanical replacement). She continually protested their actions at Venado Bay, eventually being dishonorably discharged. Going to Winath, she joined the re-formed LSH. During the latest Khund War, her right leg was shot off in mid-thigh. She was given a bionic prosthesis and, later, a (blue) Probe-like android replacement.
Sun Boy:
Dirk Morgna of Earth. Took over the leadership of the LSH during Black Dawn, and quit in frustration after most of the team resigned. Became an official spokesman for Dominator- controlled Earthgov. He was hit by a burst of radiation when the Metropolis powersphere blew up after the Lunar disaster, turning him into a walking corpse. Eventually Circe killed him, out of mercy. Mordru revived him as a zombie for a while. It is possible that Wildfire is possessing his body.
Bouncing Boy:
Chuck Taine of Earth. See under Triplicate Girl.
Matter-Eater Lad:
Tenzil Kem of Bismoll. Combined his career as a Senator with a popular series of holos. After being declared dead and losing his seat to assistant Calorie Queen, he joined the re-formed LSH and assisted Foccart's underground resistance. After an incident on Tartarus, he wound up marrying Eve Aries (Saturn Queen) and settled on Titan as her consort.
Element Lad:
Jan Arrah of Trom. Returned to Trom to continue his spiritual journey, and left with Celeste, Bounty, and Devlin to track down Roxxas. Joined the re-formed LSH. Recently he almost died saving Weber's World from Mordru's zombies.
Lightning Lass/Light Lass:
Ayla Ranzz of Winath. Retired to Winath to help her brother with the plantation, and joined the re-formed LSH. She was recently de-aged slightly by Glorith.
Dream Girl:
Nura Nal of Naltor. Became High Seer of Naltor in 2991. She's put on some weight. Although she's been mostly out of touch, she helped the team against Mordru.
Command Kid:
Jeem Rehtu of Pretzor. Hasn't been heard from since being unpossessed.
Dynamo Boy:
Vorm of New Tortuga. Hasn't been seen since being expelled from the LSH.
Cosmic King,
Lightning Lord,
Saturn Queen:
May never have joined in the new continuity. (See Question 13, on the LSV.)
Kid Psycho:
Gnill Opril (or Opral) of Hajor. Destroyed by anti-matter in Crisis. His post-Crisis existence is debatable; however, his inclusion in WWLSH, where Supergirl was omitted, suggests he did indeed exist in the post-Crisis universe. (The LEGIONNAIRES series is introducing a new Kid Psycho, which may cast some light on the status of the original.)
Blackout Boy (Graah of Murra),
Magnetic Kid I (Xaxan of Murra), and
Size Lad (Aarl of Murra):
Unheard of since losing their powers and being expelled.
Princess Projectra/Sensor Girl:
Projectra of Orando. Returned to Orando in 2991, giving up the Sensor Girl powers and becoming queen again. She brought Orando back into our dimension and hired Marte Allon as a senior advisor. She aided the team against Mordru's galactic takeover attempt.
Nemesis Kid:
Hart Druiter of Myar. Still dead. He became a zombie briefly.
Ferro Lad:
Andrew Nolan of Earth. Still dead, but back as a zombie for a short time.
Karate Kid I:
Val Armorr of Earth. Still dead, though back as a zombie temporarily.
Shadow Lass:
Tasmia Mallor of Talok VIII. Married to Valor, and exploring the galaxy with him.
Chemical King:
Condo Arlik of Phlon. Still dead, back as a zombie for a couple of issues.
Timber Wolf/Lone Wolf/Furball:
Brin Londo of Zuun. During Black Dawn, when he was deputy leader, he was affected by a blast of radiation that caused him to periodically transform into a huge, mindless beast (dubbed "Furball" by Kono). He lost his fortune due to Earthgov manipulation, and eventually Jo brought him to Rimbor, where he tagged along and became "mascot" of the new team. He was cured by Darkseid, but was dying from the effects of the radiation; in an attempt to cure him, Gemini inadvertently transported him to the 20th Century. A while later, he was accidentally brought back to the 30th Century, along with Jamm and Angon. He was severely injured fighting Angon, but he's better now and an active member of the team.
Drake Burroughs of Earth. His fate was merged with the sun at Black Dawn. He returned in v4 #50... apparently. (He may be possessing Sun Boy's corpse.)
Troy Stewart of Marzal. In 2994, Earthgov (using a recording of his scream) brought Marzal into our universe again, and slaughtered everyone but him. Tyroc joined the underground, and became Foccart's Vice-President of Earth. After the Terran Disaster and Jacques' resignation, he became President.
Dawnstar of Starhaven. At some point (around early 2992) she was possessed by the Bounty entity, who cut off her wings and turned her into a bounty hunter. She wound up as Celeste McCauley's partner, and joined the re-formed LSH. After being critically injured fighting Sade, the entity abandoned her body. She was severely traumatized by this experience, and was catatonic until Talus was attacked by Mordru's zombies. Her parents eventually brought her back to Starhaven.
Blok of Dryad. Resigned the LSH after Black Dawn. He was slain by Roxxas the Butcher on November 12, 2994 (v4 #3).
Invisible Kid II:
Jacques Foccart of Earth. He resigned the LSH to form an underground group based around the Legion of Substitute-Heroes (who were rechristened the SUBS, Superhuman Underground Battle Squad). He also became involved with Infectious Lass. Was named President of Earth, but resigned after the Great Terran Disaster to rejoin the LSH.
White Witch:
Mysa Nal of Naltor. Married the reformed Mordru, and returned to a more human-looking form. However, Mordru turned villainous again and became abusive; eventually the re-formed LSH came to rescue her. She eventually took a leave of absence to look for Amethyst in the remains of the Sorcerer's World, but possessed and wound up being absorbed by Mordru as part of a galaxy-conquering scheme. They were separated and she was joined with Amethyst; she chose to leave the LSH, but returned quickly. Glorith did something to her in v4 #53--there are no visible effects apart from her hair turning purple. [She had grey hair as the Hag, then strawberry, then white as the White Witch, then strawberry again, then black, now purple.]
Polar Boy:
Brek Bannin of Tharr. Tried to keep the LSH going after everyone else resigned, recruiting the old Subs as members. He finally dissolved the team (July 6, 2992). He was arrested for the "Pizza Hall Insurrection," where he was publicly speaking out against Earthgov. He remained in prison, awaiting trial, until finally being freed by Tenzil. He tutored Evillo's daughters on the use of their powers for a while, but became head of Tartarus underground resistance. After Evillo was overthrown and arrested, he became leader of Tartarus' official hero team, consisting of Stilletta, Styx (Evillo's daughters), Sugyn, Policy Pam, Spaceopoly Lad, and Echo-Chamber Chet.
Magnetic Kid II:
Pol Krinn of Braal. Still dead, though he was a zombie for a short while.
Ganglios of Hykraius. Returned to Hykraius after Black Dawn, and seems to be associated with the Dark Circle somehow.
(Untypable) of Teall. Quislet has not returned since leaving this dimension in LSH v3 #58, as far as anyone knows. It is the only LSHer never to be mentioned in v4.
Superboy II:
Kal-El/Clark Kent of Krypton. The Pocket Universe Superboy, who joined for two weeks in 2987 and then died. See the section on the Pocket Universe for more details. NOTE: The Five-Year Gap begins here. With the exception of Impulse, the memberships of the Five-Year Gap members are known primarily through secondary sources (the Yearbook and WHO'S WHO).
Berta Skye Haris of Earth. Joined the LSH in 2990, and left when the team disbanded. She became an instructor at the UP Militia Academy, and was killed by the Khunds in 2995 (LSH v4 #16).
Richard Kent Shakespeare of Earth. See question 7 for his history. Glorith recently youthened him to the age of about 7. He may have lost his powers in the process.
Karate Kid II:
Myg of Lythyl. Joined in early 2991, and was targeted by Dominator-controlled Earthgov. He finally attacked several SP vehicles and was arrested, being placed in the Weisinger chambers, mindwiped, and given sonic powers.
Marak Russen of Xanthu. Joined the LSH in early 2991, and attempted to become a servant of Earthgov (like Dirk) in 2992. He was put into the chambers so his powers could be studied; he was later released to serve as a test subject for BION, and died in the fight.
Crystal Kid:
Bobb Kohan of Earth. Joined LSH in mid-2991, and quit after Black Dawn. Was arrested by Earthgov for spreading anti-Earthgov propaganda and placed in the chambers; he was not mindwiped, and escaped after the explosion.
Myke-4 Astor of Aetia. Became an LSHer in 2991, and resigned after Black Dawn. Wound up joining a resistance group somewhere (probably fighting the Khunds).
Stig Ah of Rimbor. Served as protector of Rimbor until 2991, when he joined the LSH. He died at Black Dawn (killed by Molecule Master) but has come back briefly as a zombie. See question 12 for more details.
Fire Lad:
Staq Mavlen of Shwar. Like the other ex-Subs, he was recruited into the LSH by Polar Boy after the team fell apart in late 2991. After the team fell apart, he was recruited into Foccart's SUBS and was given training in his powers. The ex- SUBS began working with the LSH after the Dominators were driven off.
Chlorophyll Kid:
Ral Benem of Mardru. Same as Fire Lad.
Porcupine Pete:
Peter Dursin of Earth. Same as Fire Lad. He's become a pilot now.
Infectious Lass:
Drura Sehpt of Somahtur. Same as Fire Lad. She and Jacques are involved. She's joined the new team.
Rhent Ustin of Earth. Joined in late 2991; he was eventually placed in the chambers by the Dominators.
Color Kid:
Ulu Vakk of Lupra. Same as Fire Lad.
Stone Boy:
Dag Wentim of Zwen. Same as Fire Lad; he can now move in his stone form, due to "hypno-animation."
Storm Boy:
Myke Chypurz of Earth. Joined in early 2992. Nothing is known of his LSH career (or how he joined, since he didn't have powers at last count).
Calamity King:
E. Davis Ester of Touston. Joined the LSH in mid-2992, apparently to annoy Earthgov. He was captured by the Dominators and became a test subject. NOTE: At this point the Five-Year Gap ends.
Brita An'nan of Sklar. See the Origins section for her background. She was part of Jo's smuggling ring, and came along with him when the LSH was re-formed. Her mother, a Sklarian raider, recently appeared to recruit her for her smuggling crew. She's now aiding the Legionnaires infiltrate a group of Sklarian raiders.
Celeste McCauley:
Alias Celeste Rockfish, of Earth. A PI and partner of Bounty, she was hired by Earthgov to investigate Roxxas (on the grounds that she'd likely be incompetent, and not expose their connection). She was critically injured by him on Winath, but she expressed some sort of unexplained Green Lantern- like powers and healed herself. She recently gained enough control of her power to use it intentionally. Glorith killed her physical body in v4 #53, but she lives on in energy form.
Devlin O'Ryan:
Of Earth. Devlin was a cub reporter who tagged along with Celeste and Bounty to seek out Roxxas (since he got them transportation). He hung out with the LSH, and returned to Earth eventually; he was hurt by null radiation from the Metropolis Powersphere explosion and zapped by the SW6 Lightning Lad. Apparently this activated his metagene, giving him energy- reflective powers; he joined the LSH in the wake of the Terran Disaster. His powers have proved powerful enough to defeat both Mordru and Glorith. The Khundish members: In LSH v4 #44, the Khunds requested that four new members be admitted; they were:
a Khund. A cyborg and marksman. Seemingly killed by rebound when he tried shooting Devlin; he may have survived, though.
a Khund. Wife/slave of Firefist, and a teleporter.
Blood Claw:
a Khund. Big and tough, with indestructible claws. Killed by Magnetic Kid II's zombie.
race unknown. Has wings and climbs walls, and acts as a bounty hunter. The two surviving Khundish LSHers resigned on the orders of the Khundish military in LSH v4 #48. HONORARY MEMBERS:
Elastic Lad:
Jimmy Olsen of 20th Century Earth. The post- Crisis version never joined the LSH, and only became Elastic Lad once (involuntarily).
Pete Ross
of 20th Century Earth: Likewise, never joined post-Crisis.
Insect Queen:
Lana Lang of 20th Century Earth. The new version never received the bio-ring, and never met the LSH.
Rond Vidar
of Earth(?): Married Laurel Gand. They have a daughter, Lauren. His Green Lantern ring was destroyed by Mordru.

2. What's the story with the Pocket Universe/Time Trapper/Glorith?

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The story begins with John Byrne's revision of Superman following CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Byrne felt that a Superboy story had no innate tension (because the reader knew that he would have to survive to become Superman), so he decided to eliminate Superboy from continuity.

The LSH editor of the time decided that LSH continuity had to be saved, however. The LSH origin was intimately tied to Superboy, so preserving him became necessary.

The creative teams of both books concocted the Pocket Universe. Essentially, it was discovered that the Time Trapper had created (or saved) an Earth and Krypton, which he kept in a small, separate universe. All the pre-Crisis Superboy stories occurred there, and (with a few exceptions) all LSH time journeys to the past went to that world. However, Cosmic Boy discovered that the true 20th century was different from Superboy's, leading to a crossover that resulted in the death of Superboy to save the pocket Earth. (The pocket Earth was later destroyed in SUPERMAN.) This story, though cobbled together, served to preserve LSH continuity. (This story appeared in SUPERMAN v2 #8, ACTION #591, and LSH v2 #37-38.)

Here is John Byrne's description of the creation of the Pocket Universe: (from _Comic Buyers' Guide_ #997)

"And that brings us to the death of Superboy.

"No, it wasn't 'a parallel universe or Earth-2 or just lack of continuity' that necessitated the death of Superboy in LSH #38. Actually, it was that ol' hobgoblin of small minds, an excessive allegiance to continuity which triggered this tale. Especially ironic, given that the prime mover in all this was Paul Levitz, he who has sneered his very best sneer at the Marvel mentality which demands canonical continuity.

"Here's what happened:

"Early on in the genesis of the 'new' Superman, I went into the DC offices for a conference with Jenette [Kahn], Paul, Andy Helfer, and Dick Giordano. We were getting, at that point, very close to the moment at which my pencil would actually have to touch paper for the first time, and we all wanted to be sure we knew where we were going.

[Digression about Krypton deleted.]

"One of the points I kept coming back to at this meeting was the matter of Superboy. We'd agreed there would be no Superboy in the new chronology (Confession: I now consider this a mistake. Ah, well...) and several times during this one meeting I addressed myself specifically to Paul, who, as scribe of LEGION, would be most directly affected by the 'removal.' If there was no Superboy--and never had been--how did the Legion come into existence? What was their inspiration? It was easy enough to fudge all the Legion stories in which Superboy had appeared, but hadn't the original Legionnaires created their club as kind of a tribute to Superboy? My suggestion was simple enough: When I was a child in England I had a book about the adventures of "Young Robin Hood." Like the Disney Kids or the Muppet Babies, this little tome presented the adventures of Robin and Marian, Little(r) John, and Tuck--everyone, in fact--with no regard to the mangling this caused to the original legend. And that, of course, is the best thing about legends: Since little or nothing is really real, it doesn't much matter what you shovel into the box. Only purists (like me) would be offended by, say, John Watson meeting young Sherlock Holmes years before Arthur Conan Doyle said they met. So, as Steven Spielberg must surely have said to himself, why not? This seemed to me the solution to the Superboy problem: Superman himself had become legendary by the time--Superboy was simply retrofitted into the legend. Paul nodded sagely at this and said he had his own solution and I should not worry.

"I didn't worry--until I got a panicked call from Andy Helfer, a few months after I started the project. 'There's no Superboy!' Andy exclaimed. 'That screws up Legion continuity!' This was followed by a hollow *thunk* as my forehead hit the drawing board.

"Short form: Something had to be 'done' about Superboy, and the story which saw print, replete with its pocket universe and villainous machinations, was the 'solution.' I still think my idea--retrofitting the legend--would have been better, but at least I got to draw Krypto, and that alone was worth the aggravation."

Some unspecified officials in DC later decided to remove Superboy completely. An edict was sent down to the creative team to eliminate the Pocket Universe. This involved then-dead Mon-El reviving, and being found to house the remains of the Time Trapper (apparently destroyed in LSH v3 #50). Mon-El was discovered to be from the Pocket Universe as well (a logical development, since his origin was intimately tied to Superboy). He wound up seemingly destroying the Time Trapper and eliminating the Pocket Universe (and thus the inspiration for the LSH) from history altogether. However, it had been revealed at some point that the Trapper had engineered the creation of the LSH. Their purpose was to defeat Mordru, who would otherwise have come to rule the galaxy with no opposition. With the Trapper, the Pocket Universe, and the LSH gone, Mordru ruled supreme (in what has come to be known as the "Mordruverse").

To restore the lost continuity, the writers brought back an obscure villainness named Glorith, who had previously appeared in ADVENTURE #338 as a stooge of the Trapper (and died in that issue). With the Trapper gone, she still lived as First Wife of Mordru. However, she (and others, including Mordru) realized that the LSH was missing. She sought to restore it, casting a magical ritual that left her in the role of Time Trapper.

Because Superboy was gone, she chose Lar Gand (formerly Mon-El, now Valor) as the inspiration for the LSH. She brought R.J. Brande (a Durlan member of L.E.G.I.O.N.) to the 30th century to become the team's financier, and re-engineered Valor as Superboy's replacement. Continuity had been patched over again.

The Time Trapper was revealed to still be alive and hiding in the remains of the Pocket Universe; Glorith consumed his essence, taking on the remainder of his power and his memories. Recent issues of VALOR suggest that he is still in existence, though.

Later, however, other(?) DC higher-ups realized that eliminating the Trapper/Pocket Universe also eliminated the origin of Matrix, who was playing a major role in the Superman books. The Pocket Universe was restored to LSH history (re-created by Glorith), but Superboy played a much smaller role, existing for only 2 weeks. This fact was not explained in the comic, however; Superboy made only a one-panel cameo in an annual. However, the Superman cross-over series "Time and Time Again" had Superman meeting the current LSH, with all parties remembering Superboy...much to the confusion of the reader. The situation was not made clear until the Sourcebook was released.

The continuity involving the Pocket Universe has recently changed again. In v4 #53, the history of the LSH is told to Glorith by an unknown party with time powers (possibly the Time Trapper). According to him (or her, or it, or them) the LSH did travel to the Pocket Universe to meet Superboy, which weakened its stability. He still died fighting the Time Trapper, but Glorith destroyed Daxam as well. (This combines both old and new continuity.) She absorbed the Time Trapper and the stories after v4 #13 occurred as written.

3. Who is Kid Quantum?

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Kid Quantum is a retroactively inserted LSHer, who joined between Invisible Kid I and Laurel Gand. He served for under a year, then apparently died, making him the LSH's first casualty. He was arguably also the team's first minority member. His death prompted the team to outlaw members whose powers depended on gadgets.

Kid Quantum first appeared on page 11 of v4 #9, in a flashback to Laurel's origin, although he was not identified. His statue appeared among that of other dead heroes in the same issue, although he was not identified until LSH Annual v4 #3. His origin was given in LSH v4 #33, and the reader is referred to that issue for details. Essentially, his cover story was that he was a Xanthuan who gained stasis powers from the same comet that empowered Star Boy. His powers were revealed to come from a belt, instead. He died in battle, but his body was never found.

This is, however, untrue. The truth is: Glorith attempted to enslave the race of Antarean Proteans in 2973. In response, they took the sentience of all but seven of them and placed them into one body, christened the Soul of Antares. This Soul was stripped of the native Protean shape-shifting power, given a force-field belt and sent to join the LSH; when Glorith came close to finding him, his death was faked by Proty I. He wound up in hiding on Yal. (The seven Proteans were the Protean Sentients; both Proties were Sentients.)

(The matter of the Protean Sentients is pure retcon. During the Levitz days, Proteans started out non-sapient but telepathically picked it up if exposed to sapience for long enough. This in itself was a retcon.)

Fans generally reacted poorly to a new LSHer being retroactively introduced, and the character did not appear again (except briefly, in stasis) for a year or so. There are some indications that he was intended to join the Legionnaires; their WHO'S WHO entry and DC COSMIC TEAMS cards both list him as a member. He has now met the team, and may be joining them.

4. Who are the SW6 Batch? And which of them are clones?

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[This question was included in previous versions of the FAQ, containing all the knowledge to that point. LSH v4 #53 has substantially altered our knowledge of the nature of the SW6 Legion--they aren't Dominion clones after all under the new writers, it seems.

[This summer's ZERO HOUR crossover series promises to clear up continuity of several titles, including LSH and LEGIONNAIRES. It seems likely that the SW6's nature will be re-explained then. Until then, I will refrain from conjecture.]

5. Who were the Dominators holding in the Weisinger chambers?

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In LSH v4 #27, page 4, a list appeared of the subjects held by the Dominators in their chambers under Weisinger Plaza. Most of them were pre-existing characters. These characters were:

Hold Atovlo: Enhanced Strength/Grip
Holdur, agent of Pulsar Stargrave. SLSH #223.

D. Spengler Bonita: Enhanced Speed
Unknown. [This sounds like the same powers as Mara Williams of v4 #51, suggesting that the writers may have missed an opportunity.]

Dafe Meron: Pungent Toxic Emissions
Polecat, rejected LSH applicant. ADV 331.

Wray Muntz: Reality Distortion

Kirt Niedrich: Absorbs Residual Super-Energy
Absorbancy Boy, disgruntled LSH reject. SBOY #218.

Chi Tsan: Acidic Secretions
Caress, of the Emerald Empress' second Fatal Five. LSH v3 #25.

Leemac Allen: Deceased
Unknown. [Apparently not connected to Iris Allen or the Tornado Twins.]

Flynt Brojj: Sensory Enhancement and Deprivation
The LSH's greatest fan. SBOY #209. The powers are new.

Squire Burroughs: Object Animation
Brother of LSHer Drake Burroughs. He appeared in v4 #40.

Concheta Drisden: Hypnotic Control of Males
Daughter of Charma Drisden and Grimbor, who first appeared in SLSH #221. She apparently does not have her mother's additional trait, that of making females hate her. She appeared in v4 #40 and 51.

Myg: Sonic Emissions
Karate Kid II, former LSHer. The powers are new. LSH v3 #13.

Mick Yardreigh: No abilities manifested.
Black Mace of the Taurus Gang. ADV 374.

Shanen Dreys: Tremor Projection
Quake Kid, LSH reject. SBOY #218.

Annie Foxmoor: Misfortune-Probability
Has not appeared before. (See question #13.)

Bobb Kohn: Crystal Projection and Transmutation
Crystal Kid, former Academy member and LSHer. LSH v2 #272.

Monica Sade: Teleportation
An original character; appears in #29.

Roy Travich: Paralysis Radiations
Radiation Roy, LSH reject and LSV member. ADV #320.

Rhent Ustin: Enhanced Vision, Hypnosis
Visi-Lad, of the Academy and the LSH. LSH Annual v3 #3.
Many of these subjects appeared in #40; Holdur, Squire, Cocheta, Flynt, and Roy (or Mick) were identifiable, and possibly Rhent. Other subjects include Danielle Foccart (Computo), Xao Jin (Dragonmage), and April Dumaka (Catspaw), all of whom joined the Legionnaires.

6. Are Ayla and Vi friends or lovers? And what about Jan and Shvaughn?

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Vi and Ayla: This question has not been definitively settled, although there is considerable circumstantial evidence that they are lovers. Examples:

In LSH v3, #22, Paul Levitz started it all with this scene:

        Vi:  You may still be squeamish, but you did a great job
as Legion leader on this mission, Lightning Lass.
        Ayla: I try, Violet.  We both seem to have grown a lot
lately.  And I think we're both better people for it, don't you?
Stronger, more aggressive--more sure of ourselves.
        Vi: I've rethought a lot since I was trapped in that sens-
tank, Lightning Lass.  I changed my whole life, Ayla.  [Editor's
note: Notice the switch to real name instead of code-name...] What
about you?  Never mind.  Maybe that's not fair.  Maybe we don't
know each other that well.
        Ayla: No, I...I...I'd like to answer you, but...
        [They are interrupted at this point.]
Some other, less suggestive material occurred in v3 #s 21, 23, and 30. In #56, this scene occurred after Ayla had failed to pick up Pol:
        Ayla: I must have scared a year's growth off him...and he
can't afford to lose it.
        Vi: Looking for someone, Ayla?
        Ayla: Oh...hi, Violet.  I suppose not.
        Vi: Punch yourself off mission monitor board duty and we
can talk about it.  We haven't had a lot of time to talk lately.
        Ayla: I was busy...at least I thought I was.  I'm sorry,
        Vi: S'okay.  Just remember who your friends are, lady.
This scene works better as a reconciliation of friends than lovers, somehow.

The beginning of v4 contained a number of references to Vi's anticipating a reunion with Ayla.

In v4 #16, after Vi has had her lost leg replaced by a mechanical prosthesis, she wishes to return to action as quickly as possible. Rokk tells her: "Well, I could *order* you off the front lines. And--you know she won't *say* it--but that's *exactly* what Ayla would *like* me to do." Interpret as you will.

In v4, #20 we see them in a bedroom; Vi is half-dressed, and Ayla has just stepped out of the shower.

In #38, while watching the destruction of Earth, they are holding hands.

In #39, they appear to be discussing their relationship-- "I'd like to be needed by you every once in a while, too." "Oh, Vi, I *always* need you. More than *anything*." They are also sitting on the same bed. This was the strongest evidence to date.

In #50, the following exchange occurs: (by the new writers)

        Vi: I can read you like a book, Ayla.  You must have
*another* great hand.
        Ayla: *You* should know...
There is also evidence that the SW6 Vi is developing an interest in women, as seen in her diaries. In v4 #25 she speaks approvingly of Ayla's figure. (Enviously, but it shows she was looking.) In #35 she writes, "She [Saturn Girl] hugged me too and was nearly crying. It's different to hug a woman because of her chest. Saturn Girl's uniform makes her chest look so nice. What am I talking about? I'm insane."

Additionally, then-LSH editor Michael Eury referred to the two as open lovers in an "Inside DC" column. T&M mentioned this in the letter column without confirming or denying it.

Such a relationship would not be out of character for either one. Though both have been involved with men in the past, it has never been said that they are *not* bisexual. (To be fair, lack of negative evidence does not equal positive evidence; but nothing established is being contradicted.)

However, there has been no definitive proof offered yet, and the letter columns have been vague on the subject. Also, while circumstantial evidence is easy to find, such a conclusion cannot be disproved through the same means. There is one piece of evidence that can be seen as saying they aren't lovers; in v4 #45, Ayla is startled when Vi bodily throws her to the ground and out of the way of an attack. It could be said that she is surprised by the close bodily contact, which she wouldn't be if they were lovers.

In addition, their most recent WHO'S WHO entries, written by T&M, refer to them as "close friends." WHO'S WHO is not averse to identifying characters as gay, since Pied Piper is clearly identified as such, so this is a decision of the writers, not the editors.

Until proof is given, the conclusion must be: They are definitely close friends. Whether there is something more is uncertain, but the reader may be excused for believing so.

[What would be necessary to be considered outright proof? Some clear physical display of affection--unlikely in a series which has shown only one kiss in 53 issues--or a direct statement by one of the characters. I would gladly settle for a statement by the editors or writers rather than a scene in the comic itself, so long as the matter could be settled one way or another.]

Jan: For a long time, Jan had never been in a relationship of any sort. ("I'm...er...out of my *element* when it comes to romancing girls, but..." ADV #327)

Jim Shooter, writing the series in the mid-'70s, suggested in a fanzine interview that he might be gay. (Interlac APA, 1975: "Element Lad: Hmm. An introvert who covers with snappy patter! Could be gay; who knows? He is confident, almost arrogant. He has a right to feel very special, and his is an overwhelming power.")

There was speculation about this among the fan press in the early-to-mid-80's as well; possibly in response, then-writer Paul Levitz brought him together with SP Officer Shvaughn Erin. (See below.) This is generally cited as evidence that he is not exclusively gay, though he could be bi.

In LSH v4 #31, it was a) revealed that Shvaughn was actually a man, Sean, using chemicals to change his gender; and b) hinted strongly that Jan was gay, without actually saying so. (Page 11: "...are you trying to tell me you find *this* as attractive as *Shvaughn*?" "Don't you understand? *Anything* we ever shared physically...it was in *spite* of the Profem, not *because* of it...!" This statement can be interpreted in a number of ways.)

[The Shvaughn-Sean switch is definitely a retcon, although of the sort that introduces new material rather than contradicting old material.]

Again, the lettercol has been vague on the subject. Although I prefer to stick with information from the comic, this diary entry from the Sourcebook clears it up pretty well: "Shvaughn. I probably did love her sexually at one time, despite our incompatabilities...but there was always something else--some unspoken tension, some hidden reality that was coming between us. I always assumed it was me, and in part it must have been. There I was, pretending to be stimulated sexually at a time when my journey required that I deny my own sexuality, much less hers."

In LSH v4 #50, when Jan is recovering from injuries and a near-death-experience, he asks Sean to stay with him...a sign that their relationship may resume? McCraw has yet to touch on this.

The evidence is clear that the writers consider him gay, despite his previous relationship with a woman. The continuity- conscious reader may consider him to be bi if they prefer. There can be little doubt that Sean is gay.

Relevant to the discussion is this excerpt from AMAZING HEROES #144, in Andy Mangels' article "Out of the Closet and Into Comics:"

"It must be the blond curly hair or something, because both characters with that hairstyle in the DC Universe have long been the subject of a debate of 'is he or isn't he gay?': Star Boy of the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and Jericho of the NEW TEEN TITANS. [Editor's note: Presumably he means Element Lad, not Star Boy.]

"Although it has largely been assumed in LEGION fandom that Star Boy [Element Lad] is gay, creator Paul Levitz apparently felt that none of the 30-plus members of the Legion were gay (even though, statistically, three of them should be). When the rumors about Star Boy were at their highest, Levitz promptly gave him a girlfriend, an idea which met with much disapproval not only from fandom, but from the professional community as well.

"'Element Lad at this point has a girlfriend,' says LEGION co-plotter/artist Keith Giffen. [This article was written at the time LSH v3 #52 was out. He and Shvaughn had been involved for five years or so at this point.] 'I've always contended that he was gay. First, I didn't see anything wrong with it. He's gay, big deal! It's like he's Lutheran or Methodist, big deal. Colossal Boy's Jewish, so what? They still can grow. I would think that by the 30th Century homophobia is sort of looked back upon as a quaint aberration of human nature. I mean, you're dealing with alien races who don't even have the same equipment! That was one of the theories about Element Lad--no he's not gay, it's just that his equipment won't fit into anything else because he's the last survivor on his planet [sic]. That's kind of dodging the issue. It looks like now that he's pretty much heterosexual, although that does disappoint me. Just the fact that people were saying "Is he gay, isn't he gay?"--just the fact that it was so understated and so naturally done, without holding up the banner and saying "Gay guy, gay guy, right over here!" If people did gays in comics naturally, there wouldn't be a big brouhaha every time someone did a character that might even be remotely intimated as gay. Something that should just be a natural part of a character becomes a controversy.

"'I believe Paul was of the "piece of the equipment not fitting" angle, and thought that was more logical,' concludes Giffen. 'We never agreed on Element Lad. I've just gotten back on the book [as co-plotter with Levitz], and if we did introduce a gay character it wouldn't be like "Hi, I'm Mesmer Lad. I'm six- foot-two, blond-haired, blue-eyed, and gay." It wouldn't be like that. It would just be introduced and played out as part of the character's personality. There'd be no banner, no banging of the drums, and no speeches on how socially aware we are, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. I don't want to introduce a gay character just to prove how liberal I am. I'd like to think if we did it we could do it as well as Element Lad's alleged gayness, so that people do start picking up on it after a while but it doesn't become this shrieking, screaming match.'"

Although I am unaware of any gay characters introduced in the last year of v3, the Ayla-Vi situation almost perfectly fits what Keith describes above. (Note that, while it may have begun in the early 20s of v3--when Giffen wasn't on the series--it was brought up again in #56, shortly after his return...) The Jan story is closer to what he wanted to avoid, but even in that story the gayness issue was secondary. Mekt Ranzz was implied to have a male lover in LSH v4 ANNUAL #3, and there was no fanfare whatsoever.

[One point to consider: This topic should not necessarily be considered in terms of modern concepts of sexuality. Consider that alien humanoids may differ in sexual identity from Earth humans. Winath was settled from Earth, but Imskites and Trommites aren't descended from humans. It is possible that Trommites may exhibit radical changes in sexual orientation throughout their lives, or that they become homosexual when not exposed to Trommites of the opposite sex, or that they are all naturally bisexual. They may not even have sexual orientations as we define them. It may not be possible to pigeonhole Jan or Vi into "gay," "straight," or "bi." For that matter, real people aren't always that easily pigeonholed, either. The very concept of sexual orientation is relatively modern, and many (if not most) people don't fit into nice, neat categories. It is certainly not unknown for someone to have a relationship with a member of the opposite sex and then later decide they are gay. In other words, Jan being exclusively gay isn't a total violation of continuity, as some readers have claimed.]

7. What are the origins of the new characters? And who created them?

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Two Legionnaires, Kono and Kent Shakespeare, have never had their origins given within the comic itself, though they have been given in WHO'S WHO and the DC Heroes Sourcebook. For the benefit of those who read only the comic, their origins are:

Kono: Kono's mother was a major technology raider for Sklar. At one point she aided the Hag (who was actually the White Witch) and was given a blessing: her daughter would have mighty abilities and know glory and adventure as had no Sklarian before her. When her first daughter, Brita, was born, she turned out to have the ability to transfer mass between objects. She grew up raiding with her mother. However, when the Great Collapse hit, the Khunds invaded Sklar; Kono used her powers to render all their clothes immaterial. Horribly embarrassed, they put a heavy price on her head, and she was forced to flee, eventually winding up smuggling Silverale on Rimbor. She started out competing with Jo, but he wound up taking her into his group.

Kent: He grew up in Metropolis, and was studying to be a med student when he was exposed to a mysterious virus. He was brought to Brainiac 5 for study; it was determined that he was being transformed into a powerful metahuman. He joined the LSH as Impulse, and was selected as a target by Earthgov. Quitting after Black Dawn, he was forced to move around, being sheltered by other Legionnaires. He joined the Braalian Militia with Rokk, and served there until Venado Bay. Eventually Garth and Imra got him a job on Quarantine.

Celeste's origin has never been clearly stated, though she is definitely a niece of Leland McCauley III. No essential information about her or Devlin is available that has not been given in the comic. [The origin of her Green Lantern-like powers is unclear.]

Creator credits: Kono was created by Mary Bierbaum. Devlin was created by Tom Bierbaum. Celeste, Kent, and Bounty were created by Al Gordon. (Bounty was "created" by him in the same sense that Paul Levitz "created" Sensor Girl.) Sade was created by Jason Pearson.

8. What was Black Dawn?

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The long-mysterious Black Dawn has been explained in LSH v4 #52. As predicted, it involved a crisis in which the sun was threatened (by Dr. Regulus, working for Molock Hanscomb, the third Starfinger). Brin received a strong dose of radiation, and Drake gave himself to re-ignite the sun.

This version is inconsistent with previous versions in a number of ways. First, the Sourcebook established that it was an ongoing crisis covering at least a month. Only one battle was shown. Secondly, Black Dawn marked the beginning of the LSH's unpopularity and the Dominion's takeover of Earthgov. None of that is indicated in any way in #52. Also, there is no indication of the Molecule Master's involvement. Moreover, several sources list the source of Brin's injuries as a "wave of radiation," not the explosion shown here.

Finally, the leadership and membership of the LSH is inconsistent with previously established versions. According to WHO'S WHO, Sensor Girl resigned during Black Dawn and deputy leader Timber Wolf was unwilling to take the responsibility; this left Sun Boy to take over the leadership. (This was established in the series in #28.) The version in #52 has Sensor Girl still present; Sun Boy has only one line of dialogue, and is clearly not in charge. Star Boy, who is pictured, had resigned long before. Active members Tellus, Crystal Kid, Dawnstar, Element Lad, Echo, Impulse, and Karate Kid are not pictured. [To be fair, the story shown is Brin's memories, and not all the LSH could be pictured in the space given. Still, some of it is simply inconsistent.]

9. What is the connection between the LSH and L.E.G.I.O.N.?

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Essentially, L.E.G.I.O.N. is a series set in the 20th century that utilizes many of the settings and background of the LSH.

LEGION (omitting periods to speed typing) was a spin-off of Keith Giffen's INVASION! crossover of 1988. It was an attempt to give the modern DC universe a more coherent background of aliens; competitor Marvel Comics has well-established traditions of the Skrulls, Shi'ar, and Kree, but DC aliens tended to be one- shot invaders. INVASION! had Earth being invaded by a number of established alien races, some from the 20th century, and some LSH aliens appearing in the 20th century for the first time. (20th century aliens were the Citadel [Omega Men], Psions [Omega Men], Thanagarians [Hawkman], and Okaarans [Omega Men]. LSH aliens were the Dominators, Khunds, Gil'dishpan, Durlans, and Daxamites.)

LEGION was founded by a variety of aliens who had been captured by the Dominators. Many of them had a connection to the LSH.

THE DURLAN (unnamed) would be seized by Glorith and brought to the 30th Century, to become R.J. Brande. He would be robbed of his memory, but enough of it would be restored that LEGION would be a dim influence on the LSH.

VRIL DOX II is a clone of the original Brainiac. He is the legendary hero who overthrew the Computer Tyrants, and an ancestor of Brainiac 5. The Computer Tyrants came back personified as a villain who may have later become Pulsar Stargrave, an LSH villain. (Vril has been in Brainiac 5's origin since the '60s, but he never appeared until LEGION. Stargrave first appeared in SBOY #223, and had a muddled origin in which he may be the original Brainiac or the heart of a star personified, or something.)

LYRISSA MALLOR was planetary champion of Talok VIII and an ancestor of Shadow Lass. Her daughter, LYDEA MALLOR, is in the book, and showed up in LSH twisted into a Servant of Darkness.

GARRYN BEK was at one point taken over by the Emerald Eye of Ekron, as was his wife, MARIJ'N, although it was apparently destroyed. (Uh-huh.)

LAR GAND hung around for a while; he became the LSH's Valor eventually. (His father was one of the Daxamite observers during the Invasion; he died sending a message to Daxam).

PHASE is LSHer Phantom Girl, sent back in time by Glorith and rendered amnesiac.

STRATA, a Dryadian, survived to be the last female of the race (and showed up in v4 #3).

10. How was the moon destroyed? And who is Dev-Em?

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The destruction of the moon was shown in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #478, and its repercussions in LSH v4 #19. Essentially, Superman was involved in a time travel story that involved alternating between the past and the future. Large amounts of energy were apparently necessary to catapult him through time.

At the end of the crossover, Superman arrived in 2995, where mad Daxamite Dev-Em was involved in a pitched battle with the LSH. Dev-Em ultimately decided to activate a destruct system the Dominators had installed (Operation: Triple Strike). With the help of Superman, Dev-Em was defeated, and Imra was able to disable the destruct device. However, the Linear Man, who had been behind the time trip, realized that the moon had to be destroyed to maintain history as it was established. He re- activated the system, sending Superman back in time and destroying the moon. (The LSH managed to escape, and Dev-Em was later revealed to have survived.)

The "Time and Time Again" storyline, of which this was a part, appeared in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #476-8, SUPERMAN #54-55, and ACTION #664-5.

Dev-Em is an old character who has been through two major retcons, both to bring him into line with continuity and give him a more reasonable origin.

He first appeared in either ADV #287 in the 20th century, and #320 in the 30th, as a juvenile delinquent from Krypton who'd survived its destruction. He met the LSH as a member of the Interstellar Counter-Intelligence Corps (ICC) while going against Molock the Merciless. He remained a minor background character for a while, appearing in the Great Darkness Saga and getting a minor story in TLSH.

After the Pocket Universe was created, Dev-Em was turned into David Emery, boy from Earth. His parents were Titanians who emigrated because they had no powers. David inherited a strong (recessive) latent talent from them, and, essentially, wished himself into a Kryptonian. He made up an origin, the one given in his first appearance (which was a false memory given to Superboy and Mon-El.) [This origin appeared in WWITLSH, but never in the series itself.]

After the Pocket Universe was destroyed, his origin didn't really work (Kryptonian survivors were commonplace pre-Crisis, but rare post-Crisis), so he was given a new origin in WHO'S WHO, one more in keeping with the original. He became a 20th Century Daxamite juvenile delinquent, who left Daxam to use his powers. Lead-poisoned, he was sent to the future by Valor so advanced medicine could cure him. He still joined the ICC, but became more and more erratic until, finally, he went on his lunar rampage. Afterwards, he was somehow found by Leland McCauley IV, put in suspended animation by an Emerald Eye, and added to McCauley's "collection." His condition following McCauley's loss of the Eye in LRS #6 is unknown.

11. What was the Adult Legion story?

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The Adult Legion stories were future stories set in the adulthoods of the LSH, which Superman occasionally visited. Their first appearance was in SUPERMAN #147. (Although the LSH that Supergirl originally joined was said to be made up of the children of Superboy's LSH, that was long ago retconned away.) Originally they were composed of Lightning Man, Cosmic Man, and Saturn Woman, with opponents Lightning Lord, Cosmic King, and Saturn Queen, the Legion of Super-Villains. (See accompanying section on the LSV.)

The Adult Legion came into its own in ADV #354-5, with a full story detailing the futures of the characters. This story, written by Jim Shooter, proved to be pivotal in determining the futures of many Legionnaires. Several characters made their first appearances in this story, and their introductions, marriages and deaths were used as a guideline by writers for a long time.

Paul Levitz finally made a conscious effort to break away from the Adult Legion straitjacket, in LSH v2 #300. (Actually, the breakup of Ayla and Brin a few issues earlier could be seen as the same thing.) "Shadow Woman," a Caucasian, was pictured among the dead Legionnaires as having "died saving the Science Asteroid." Blue-skinned Shadow Lass was introduced a year later, and there was not necessarily any connection between the two. In LSH v2 #299, she appeared wearing pink makeup, a new costume (resembling the one in ADV), and calling herself "Shadow Woman." She and Mon- El were summoned to the Science Asteroid to save it from the Khunds; she appeared dead in the battle but in fact survived it.

The same issue had the first true appearance of Douglas Nolan, Ferro Lad's twin brother, who had been introduced in this story. His mutant mind was somehow reaching into alternate universes, and he was experiencing them fully. The Adult Legion was clearly implied to be just one of these alternate universes, not a proven future for the characters.

In v4 there has been a small amount of return to the Adult Legion. Although the writers aren't following the future shown by any means, they are drawing on it as a source of inspiration.


  1. Chemical King: Seen in the gallery of dead heroes; "Sacrificed his life to prevent World War VII." Chemical King was introduced into the true LSH in ADV #371, and remained a minor member for several years. In the '70s it was decided to kill him, in part because of the Adult Legion, in part because he was a boring and confusing character. He died in SBOY #228, preventing Dark Circle agent Deregon from starting WWVII.

  2. Reflecto: A dead hero; "Killed in a duel with the Molecule Master." He has been used in two ways. The first Reflecto to appear was in LSH v2 #277, and was actually Jo's amnesiac personality possessing Superboy. Jo had been believed dead and given a statue in the gallery of dead heroes. The Molecule Master, who had previously appeared in SBOY #201, fought the LSH (including the somewhat memory-confused Superboy, who had abandoned the Reflecto identity by this point) in LSH v2 #281. The android was destroyed, and in the explosion the Jo/Superboy matter was sorted out, so technically Reflecto was "killed" by Molecule Master. (The fight, which had several LSHers ganging up on the android, scarcely qualified as a duel, however.) The Ultra Boy statue was altered into one of Reflecto, thereby more or less fulfilling the Adult Legion prediction.

    The second Reflecto to appear was the planetary hero of Rimbor and a rejected LSH applicant (as shown in LSH ANNUAL v4 #1). He joined the LSH during the Five-Year Gap, and according to the Sourcebook: "Only months after joining, Reflecto was searching for criminals involved in the famous Black Dawn disaster when he was attacked by an android named Molecule Master... Reflecto's power protected from most of the Molecule Master's attacks, but what Reflecto didn't know was that the android was also releasing a slow-acting poisonous gas that seeped past Reflecto's protective power. This dishonest and cowardly attack succeeded, and Reflecto died on July 7, 2991."

  3. Lightning Man and Saturn Woman: Their marriage (shown in a much older Superman story) was confirmed in this story.

  4. Night Woman and Cosmic Man: Their marriage was also shown here. (Rokk also has a receding hairline in both books, though it's more dramatic in ADV.) Rokk is pictured as leader of the team; he is, currently, but without his powers.

  5. Mon-El: "...left the Legion to become a space explorer!" This is what he is doing in the current series.

  6. Matter-Eater Lad: "He left the Legion to serve his world!" In SBOY #212 he was drafted into Bismoll politics and became a Senator. (In this story he was shown as President, which is unlikely now, though he was mentioned as a likely candidate several times.) The Adult Legion story was even mentioned in a footnote in the story.

  7. Colossal Man: Grew a beard, but "was forced to quit the Legion because an injury robbed me of my size-increasing power! But the LSH had given me the experience I needed to land this job! [member of the Intergalactic Guard]" In v3 he was given leg injuries by Starfinger II; by v4 they prevented use of his power, and he joined the Science Police (not the Intergalactic Guard, as shown here. There has never been an Intergalactic Guard in the series, to my knowledge). He grew a beard during the Five-Year Gap.

  8. Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel: "I lost my Bouncing Boy powers again...but I didn't care when Duo Damsel agreed to marry me!" This occurred in SBOY #200, with no explanation of how his powers were lost.

  9. Polar Man: "Polar Man! So you're in the Legion now, eh?" "Yes...with so many members quitting the Legion and the Substitute Heroes, the two groups merged!" Polar Boy joined the LSH in LSH v3 #14; most of the former Subs joined the team during the Five-Year Gap. (Although most of the LSH did leave, the only Subs to quit were Polar Boy and Night Girl. The team did disband after Brek quit, though.)

  10. Timber Wolf: Formerly Lone Wolf, shown as having joined the LSH here. He first appeared in ADV #327 as Lone Wolf and refused to join them then; he did join in ADV #372, as Timber Wolf. This issue marked the first use of the new name.

  11. Echo: Introduced here as a member of the LSV. He joined the LSH instead, during the Five-Year Gap.

(Note: Anything in this list could still occur, if a writer wanted to stretch things enough. Some are more likely than others. Also, none of the LSHers have used the altered codenames given here, except Tasmia, who called herself Shadow Woman briefly.)

  1. Shrinking Violet and Duplicate Boy: Pictured as married and living on Lallor, with two children. Vi and Duplicate Boy broke up after she was rescued from imprisonment, and are unlikely to get back together; Duplicate Boy is being held in a prison camp by Khunds, and Vi may or may not be in another relationship.

  2. Light Lady and Timber Wolf: Pictured as married, with children Brin, Bran, and Loni. They broke up after the Great Darkness Saga. [Note: Paul Levitz was the first writer to break up long-standing LSH romances--Vi/Duplicate Boy, Ayla/Brin, and Nura/Thom.] Timber Wolf is in the 20th Century, and Ayla likewise may or may not be otherwise involved. Timber Wolf has returned to the 30th Century, but they are unlikely to get back together. (Their romance does postdate this story, however, so the story was followed in this respect.) This story also implies that Ayla never regained her lightning powers.

  3. Ultra Man and Phantom Woman: Both retired, with Jo as a quadrant director of the SP. Their children, Ronn and Arna, inherited their powers. In the real continuity, Tinya is in the 20th Century with amnesia, and believed dead by everyone. Jo is unlikely to join the SP or retire any time soon, but this could still happen.

  4. Dream Girl and Star Boy: Retired, married, and living on Xantho [sic] in this story, with Thom as an astronomer. They broke up in v3. Thom has married someone else, and shows no signs of becoming an astronomer.

  5. Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel: Pictured as having a son with triplicating powers; they have no children yet, but this could also still occur. Also, they aren't living on Carrg [sic] as shown here.

  6. Beauty Blaze: Introduced as a new member of the LSV, but never introduced in the series. (The closest character is Flare of the Fatal Five.)

  7. Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk: A descendant and the brother of the originals, respectively, they joined the LSH in this story. No equivalents have appeared, except possibly the Zrfffian imp referred to in the alternate and now discredited version of Porcupine Pete's origin, who could have been the same person. Mxyzptlk V, from ADV #322, was a villain.

  8. Quantom [sic] Queen: Appeared only on the cover, not the interior. "Perished preventing an escape from [obscured] Cosmos Prison." Quantum Queen appeared in ADV #375 as a member of the Wanderers, but has never been a member of the LSH. Though she did die (and was cloned into a new body), her death had nothing to do with a "Cosmos Prison."
The Adult Legion story can essentially be considered to be obsolete at this point. Although it was not a bad story, it showed a limited (or just conservative) imagination in the futures it extrapolated. No pre-existing LSHers died (to our knowledge; not all were pictured), none of them broke up their romances, and the only change in the operation of the LSH was that married members were allowed to remain. Few comics change that little over long time periods, even the LSH (which was, until recently, conservative in many ways when compared to, say, ALPHA FLIGHT or TEEN TITANS). The changes wrought over the past four years render the story almost impossible now. Furthermore, following every prediction of the story would limit the writers unduly. As it stands, the story can serve as inspiration (witness Reflecto and Echo's entry into the LSH) without forcing the writer's hand.

It should also be noted that any of the predictions listed could still occur. Ayla could still marry Brin, Tasmia could still die protecting the Science Asteroid, and Chuck and Luornu could still have a son. The story just isn't likely to occur as written, is all.

12. How many versions have there been of the original LSV?

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The Legion of Super-Villains first appeared in an Adult Legion story (the first) in SUPERMAN #147. The members were Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, and Saturn Queen; they battled Superman and the Adult Legion, teamed with the adult Lex Luthor. They reappeared in ADV #354-5 (see previous question). This LSV was composed of adults. Because the Adult Legion is no longer considered to be in continuity, this LSV (which never appeared in a continuity story) can be considered to be functionally nonexistent. WHO'S WHO considers them spurious.

The "true" adult LSV appeared first in SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #63, as Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, Chameleon Chief, and Sun Emperor. (Saturn Queen came along later.) They were also from our LSH's future. Their existence is more difficult to ascertain, because they did cross over with the LSH. In fact, the three "core" members (CK, LL, SQ) became LSHers in ADV #331, when villain Dynamo-Boy was controlling the team and had expelled all other members. They were arrested, but according to WWITLSH, "vanished en route to Takron-Galtos." They reappeared in JIMMY OLSEN, but have not reappeared as time-travelling adults in an LSH book. (LEGION INDEX considers the JIMMY OLSEN group and the ADV #331 group to be separate, but I know of no evidence for this.)

The members were left to reappear gradually in the present. The first to do so was Lightning Lord. In SUPERMAN #147, he claimed to be Lightning Man's brother, and to share his origin on Korbal. This is true of the "real" version, who first appeared a while later in SBOY #147. (The story was a retelling of the SMAN origin, but told by the younger Garth, and including Ayla, who had not yet appeared in the older story.) He began with red hair, which turned white in SBOY #172 (to fit with his adult version). Though he was the longest-existing LSV member who was part of the adult group, he has never been observed to make the time-travel journeys the adult version did. Moreover, he seems thoroughly reformed now.

Cosmic King was the next to reappear, years later, in LSH v3 #2. He referred to having just been expelled from his native Venus (the accepted origin for the adult) at the time of the story. While he could likewise have travelled in time, he has never been seen to.

Saturn Queen waited the longest to be introduced, in LSH v4 #14. She appeared as the twelfth wife of Prince Evillo; no mention was made of her origin. (The adult version also had a vague origin, involving the crime-damping powers of Saturn's rings. That story element has almost certainly been eliminated by now.) By this point, changes had been made in the concept of the LSV; see below.

Chameleon Chief and Sun Emperor first appeared in SBOY #208, as members of a new LSV. (The original was founded by Tarik the Mute in ADV #371; of the aforementioned characters, only Lightning Lord was a member. This is chronologically the first LSV, no matter when the time-travelling groups first appeared.) No origins were given (Sun Emperor got one in WWITLSH, but not Chameleon Chief).

With the exception of Saturn Queen, who had not appeared as a youth at the time of publication, WWITLSH does not consider ADV #331 or JIMMY OLSEN #63 as first appearance for the LSVers. This is a sign that the time-travelling Adult LSV is not considered to be equivalent to their younger members. On the strength of that, and the lack of time travel by the core group, their appearance in ADV #331 could be ignored, and their first appearances considered to be SBOY #147, LSH v3 #2, and LSH v4 #14. (The latest edition of WHO'S WHO gives Lightning Lord's first appearance as SMAN #147, however.)

However, a couple of sources related to the current series mention Cosmic King as founder of an LSV, which he controlled using drugs. Spider Girl was mentioned as a member of a group he led in WHO'S WHO, and the 2995 Sourcebook mentions Saturn Queen as an associate, though she was never caught (explaining how she never appeared, but Tenzil could still recognize her). Cosmic King was never a leader of an LSV in the Trapperverse, except the two future groups; the first was headed by Tarik the Mute, the second by Sun Emperor, and the third (the one that Cosmic King joined) by Nemesis Kid. (Lightning Lord also headed the group at one point.)

Originally, Spider Girl was associated with all three of these, and Saturn Queen with none, so it is difficult to determine which group Laevar Bolto (Cosmic King) led. Since he is mentioned in Spider Girl's WHO'S WHO entry as the one that recruited her, it would logically be the first and possibly the second. Apparently Tarik has been retconned out and replaced by Laevar (also removing CK's statement in v3 about having just left Venus, unless he was time travelling).

This still does not settle the question of the time- travelling group in current continuity. However, the best evidence is that the Dynamo-Boy story never occurred in this continuity, at least with time-travelling adult LSV members. (The LSH Constitution would have kept them out, actually; if they were contemporaries of the Adult Legion, they would have been over 18. Dynamo-Boy would certainly have ignored rules that didn't help him, however.)

13. Who is Foxmoor? Or Foxworth? Or whatever?

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The original reference to a character of this name came in LSH v4 #5, the "Mordruverse" issue. He was Mysa's contact in the underground, but they "got him" and he was replaced by Andrew Nolan.

The second reference to a character of that name came in #27, with the list of subjects held in the Dominators' Weisinger Chambers. Here the character was named "Annie" and had bad luck powers (see question #5).

Finally, Foxworth appeared in #31 as an underground contact of Reep's, informing him of the whereabouts of his father, R.J. Brande.

According to T&M, Foxworth and both Foxmoors were meant to be the same character, but absent-mindedness led to the name change. [It seems odd that a male character would be named "Annie," but that's the 30th Century for you...]

14. What is the history of the Legion SUBS?

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The Legion of Substitute-Heroes first appeared in ADV #306, as a group of rejected LSH applicants. They were all rejected at an LSH open call, and decided to band together "to act as pinch-hitters for the Super-Heroes and help them in any way we can!" They were:

POLAR BOY: Brek Bannin of Tharr. He had the power of super-cold projection, but couldn't control it well enough for the LSH. (This was later amended to include his being under the LSH's minimum age. This wasn't mentioned in his first appearance, but isn't surprising since he was originally drawn as fairly short.) He proposed the formation of the Subs and was their leader for a long time.

CHLOROPHYLL KID: Ral Benem of Mardru. Could speed up and slow down the growth of plants. The LSH couldn't see any use for his power on their missions.

FIRE LAD: Staq Mavlen of Shwar. Could breathe fire, but the LSH felt his power was too dangerous and "could cause accidental holocausts."

NIGHT GIRL: Lydda Jath of Kathoon. Had enhanced strength (and Kryptonian-like powers in one story, which were ignored later), but only at night. (This varied greatly; in some stories, ordinary light bulbs could deactivate her power.) The LSH felt this was too limited, and rejected her.

STONE BOY: Dag Wentim of Zwen. Like all members of his race, he could turn into immobile stone (to wait out his planet's six-month nights). The LSH "said [his] power was too static and would accomplish nothing positive," and rejected him.

The Subs originally acted in secret to aid the LSH behind the scenes, first against an alien invasion (ADV #306) and then fighting beings from Zyzan disguised as the LSH while the LSH was off-planet. The LSH learned of the team's existence in ADV #315.

The Subs continued for quite a long time, acting as occasional supporting characters in the series. They added one new member in ADV #342:

COLOR KID: Ulu Vakk of Lupra. He had the power to change any object's color, but badly messed up his application tryout and was rejected.

The team was basically along for the ride for a long time, never really accomplishing anything major. Night Girl got by far the most appearances, since she was Cosmic Boy's girlfriend (and eventual wife). The rest were basically in the background; they would help out occasionally, but were never really central to anything.

They did get a few chances to be helpful: in the Earthwar (SLSH #241-245) they filled in defending Earth after most of the LSH was captured. A few issues later (SLSH #254) they, guided by the insane Brainiac 5, apprehended the League of Super-Assassins. They also chipped in during the Great Darkness Saga (LSH #290- 294). However, they never really rose from the shadow of the real team.

They underwent a major shift in DC COMICS PRESENTS #59, where Keith Giffen needed foils for Superman and Ambush Bug. Instead of being played as the second-string team, they were written as well-meaning, humorously bumbling incompetents. The team had added two new members:

INFECTIOUS LASS: Drura Sehpt of Somahtur. She and all natives of her world harbor colonies of microorganisms, and can infect people with just about any disease. The LSH rejected her when she showed inadequate control of her power.

PORCUPINE PETE: Peter Dursin of Earth. A mutant with porcupine-like spines he could fire, he was also rejected for demonstrating inadequate control.

both of whom originally appeared in SBOY #201. They had also added the Legion of Substitute-Heroes Auxilliary, a group of characters who weren't ready for membership in the main Subs. They were:

ANTENNAE BOY: Khfeurb Chee Bez of Grxyor. Could pick up radio broadcasts from the past or present (or future, originally, but that was quickly dropped), but he also produced deafining feedback squeals.

DOUBLE-HEADER: Dyvud/Frenk Retzun of Janus. Members of his race gradually split into two identical beings with identical chromosomes. However, his two halves couldn't get along, and they were rejected on the basis of their constant bickering.

who first appeared in ADV #305 and #323, respectively.

The team took a swift turn downhill in terms of seriousness at this point. DC published the LEGION OF SUBSTITUTE- HEROES SPECIAL in 1985, which was played completely for laughs. (For the record, this is the first time the humorous implications of Matter-Eater Lad's power were explored.) The team was handled as totally incompetent, and managed to defeat Pulsar Stargrave through sheer luck only. (This issue was never really regarded as being in continuity, for the record. The origin it gives for Porcupine Pete should be completely ignored; it's a tribute to an old JIMMY OLSEN story.)

The team made no significant appearances for a long time after this; in LSH v3 #14, Polar Boy joined the LSH and referred to having disbanded the Subs. The others went their separate ways, and the only other Sub to make any appearances for a long time was Night Girl, who stayed with Rokk.

During the Five-Year Gap, Polar Boy became LSH Chairman for the second time. Since the team was disintegrating at the time, he brought in Ral, Ulu, Staq, Drura, Peter, and Dag to shore up the ranks. After the team was disbanded, Brek was arrested by Earthgov; the rest kept a low profile, and went underground. They joined Jacques' underground resistance group, being trained in paramilitary skills and re-dubbed the SUBS, Superhuman Underground Battle Squad. They were given training in their powers (and, incidentally, treated seriously again). Dag was given "hypno- animation" that allowed him to move in stone form. Staq was given better control over his flames, and revealed to be immune to flame. Ulu began using his powers on the air, blinding all but those with special goggles. Ral was trained in controlling the Dominion's plant-based technology.

The team played an important role in driving the Dominators from Earth. It appeared briefly that they would join the LSH again, but current plotlines have the UP sending them to apprehend the LSH instead.

15. What is the LSH's publishing history?

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The LSH first appeared in ADV #247 (4/58), in a twelve- page Superboy story. At first, they were merely a one-shot gimmick, like so many others in the Super titles. If not for postitive reader response, they might have been a forgotten footnote in Superman's history.

The team reappeared in ADV #267 (12/59), and made a series of appearances in other titles for the next three years. New members continued to be introduced, and Supergirl joined the team three years after Superboy (ACT #276, also the first appearance of Brainiac 5, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, and Bouncing Boy). Eventually, Super-titles editor Mort Weisinger decided the team's popularity warranted their own title. They bumped the "Tales of the Bizarro World" back-up from ADVENTURE with #300 (9/62).

The "Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes" series continued in the longest unbroken stretch the team has had in a single title, lasting for 81 issues. Along the way, they continued to make guest appearances (in such titles as JIMMY OLSEN and LOIS LANE). They moved from back-up status to controlling the book (although Superboy still had an occasional backup).

ADV #380 (5/69) was the book's last original LSH issue. In what proved to be a grave tactical error, Weisinger moved the LSH to a back-up in ACTION COMICS, giving Supergirl (who had previously had the ACT spot) the ADV lead. (This may have been intended either to increase ACT's sales or give Supergirl a boost. Neither was successful; Supergirl moved on to a short-lived series, ADV got a bunch of minor characters, went bi-monthly, and was cancelled, and ACT showed no real change.)

Popular writer Jim Shooter, who began writing the LSH with ADV #346 (7/66) quit the book with #384 (1/70), and the series limped along until #392 (9/70). At this point Weisinger retired and the series vanished for six months, reappearing when editor Murray Boltinoff picked it up for a backup in SUPERBOY (beginning with #172, 3/71).

During this period a four-issue limited reprint series, titled LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, was published (2/73-6/73). Artist Dave Cockrum helped to restore the series' popularity. After a sporadic two-and-a-half years as a backup (see Bibliography for specific #s), the team had its first regular cover billing beginning with SBOY #197 (9/73). It continued there, in one form or another, until 1987.

The series began as SUPERBOY starring the LEGION OF SUPER- HEROES, and was still officially only SUPERBOY in the indica. It became SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES on the cover with #222 (12/76). The indica picked up the change in #231 (9/77).

The mid-'70s also saw the first LSH spinoff: KARATE KID, beginning 3/76 and lasting for 15 issues (until 7/78; the title was bi-monthly). The majority of the series was set in the 20th Century, so its affect on the main title was minimal. (The writing was also generally below that of the main title.)

Under the hands of writers Cary Bates, Paul Levitz, and Gerry Conway, and artists Dave Cockrum, Mike Grell, and James Sherman, among others, the series fared reasonably well. Two tabloid-sized specials were published (one featuring the wedding of founders Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, the other reprinting Mordru's first appearance).

Possibly as a reward for success, possibly to return Superboy to comics (he'd become rather unimportant to the title), DC decided to give the LSH its own title. SLSH became LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, volume 2 (the numbering continued) with #259 (1/80). Superboy was "permanently" (for about two years) removed from book, and given his own book.

One miniseries spun off from the LSH in this period: SECRETS OF THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (1/81-3/81), a three-issue miniseries following in the footsteps of WORLD OF KRYPTON and THE UNTOLD LEGEND OF BATMAN. It was less an original series than a retelling of the team's history and the characters' origins. (It did contain the revelation that R.J. Brande was a Durlan, and Reep was his son.)

Paul Levitz returned to the title in #284 (2/82), beginning an extremely long and popular run that would last for 7 years. In 1982 the book made history by publishing DC's first all-original annual.

The title continued until #313 (7/84), when it became a participant in an experiment of DC's, the "hardcover-softcover" program. LSH, TEEN TITANS, and OUTSIDERS would be published in two editions: a Baxter-paper, direct-sales-and-subscription-only "hardcover" edition; and a newsstand, "softcover" edition. The Baxter series would contain new stories, as would the newsstand title for the first year. After the first year, the newsstand series would begin reprinting the previous year's Baxter edition stories. [Baxter paper is a high-quality, higher weight paper than newsprint, which reproduces the art better and is sturdier.]

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Volume 3 #1 (8/84) was the result. The regular series became TALES OF THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. It published original stories from #314 to #325, and switched to reprints from #326 to #354.

One other spinoff came around this time: THE LEGION OF SUBSTITUTE-HEROES SPECIAL #1 (1985), the result of a decision by DC to spotlight their minor characters (beginning with the Atom).

DC came to consider the hardcover-softcover project a failure. (Newsstand readers were left behind on important events, sales were apparently poor, and a direct-sales-only book would be more efficient.) The reprint series was cancelled, leaving only the Baxter series. It spawned two mini-series spinoffs: LEGIONNAIRES 3 (2/86-5/86), featuring the then-retired founding member fighting the Time Trapper, and COSMIC BOY (12/86-3/87), a tie-in to the LEGENDS crossover (and the Time Trapper).

A spinoff of the INVASION! series, L.E.G.I.O.N. '89, begain in 1989 (see question #9). Although not strictly an LSH spinoff, it utilized many of the settings (and a few characters) of the 30th Century series.

Paul Levitz finally decided to retire from writing, ending v3 with #63 (8/89). A two-month gap followed, and LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Volume 4 #1 came out in 11/89. The storyline had jumped five years into the future. The series was drawn and co-plotted by Keith Giffen, who had been involved with the book in the early '80s and returned to v3 in 1989, and co-plotters and scripters Tom and Mary Bierbaum.

[Note: According to former LSH artist Steve Lightle, DC originally intended to follow v3 with a series retelling the early stories, adjusted for post-Crisis continuity. He was slated to draw it, until the company changed its mind and went to the Giffen series instead.]

Volume 4 continues to this day. There have been three spinoffs. The VALOR regular series began in 1992 (it's more a spinoff of the ECLIPSO and L.E.G.I.O.N. books, but it features an LSHer). The TIMBER WOLF 5-issue limited series was also published in 1992.

The third spinoff, LEGIONNAIRES, was not originally intended for its original form. Rather, it was supposed to retell the early days of the team (like the series described above). However, DC editorial policy changed to forbid series that reworked established continuity (perhaps in the wake of GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN and HAWKWORLD). The series was reworked to feature the SW6 characters, and began 4/93.


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The LSH has appeared in many books over the years. It has had its own series (with cover billing) in the following titles:

        Action Comics #378-387, 389-392.
        Adventure Comics #300-380.
        All-New Collector's Edition #C-55.
        Legion of Super-Heroes, volume 2, #259-313, and 3 annuals.
        Legion of Super-Heroes, volume 3, #1-63, and 4 annuals.
        Legion of Super-Heroes, volume 4, #1-present.  (Latest
issue at time of revision: #48.) 4 annuals to date.
        Legionnaires, #1-present. (Latest issue at time of
revision: #7.)
        Superboy #197-237, 239-258. [#238 was an all-reprint
issue.] The LSH made sporadic appearances in the "Tales of the
Legion" series in issue #'s 147, 172-173, 176, 183-184, 188, 190-
191, 193, and 195.
        Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #314-325.
They have made guest appearances in:
        Note: Some issues (those I could consult) are marked,
either with an asterisk (*), a plus (+), or a caret (^).  Issues
with an asterisk are full-fledged LSH appearances (with at least
one LSHer, or a major LSH villain).  Multiple-asterisked issues
are particularly important, the number of asterisks denoting the
relative importance of the issue.  (These are usually reserved for
first appearances of LSHers.) An asterisk is my assurance that the
purchaser will have a full-fledged LSH story in one way or

        Those with a plus have a lesser amount of the LSH (or the
group plays a secondary role) but are still important in some way.
An issue with a plus may have only LSH villains (such as JIMMY
OLSENs with the LSV), or one LSHer making a guest appearance.  The
reader may wish to consider before buying a plussed issue, but
will not be totally robbed of the LSH.
        Those with a caret have an unimportant LSH appearance (or
cameo) and can probably be safely skipped by all but the most
ardent completists.  A typical careted story has the LSH in one
panel, or the Legion of Super-Pets but no LSHers.
        Those with no mark were not available for review.
        I quote from SLSH #243: "Collectors should be warned that
some of these stories just contain a panel or two of the Legion,
while others are as important to the annals as any series story.
Decide how complete you want your collection to be *before* you
start shopping."
        Note, also, that this list does not include appearances by
Superboy or Supergirl that do not involve the LSH in some way.
The Legion Subs are counted along with the full-fledged LSHers as
important appearances, but the Super-Pets are not.  (Super-Pet
stories without other LSHers get a caret, since all but one were
20th Century characters.)

        Action Comics #267, 276(***), 283-288, 290, 294, 297-298,
306-307, 309, 319, 331-332. 365, 583, 591(*), 663(+).
        Adventure Comics #247(****), 267(*), 282, 287(^)-288(^),
289-290, 293.
        Adventures of Superman #476(^)-478(*).
        Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1(^).
        Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer #1(^).
        Best of DC #24(+)
        Booster Gold #8-9(*).
        The Brave and the Bold #179, 198(+).
        Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12(+).
        DC Comics Presents #2, 13(*), 43, 59(+), 80.
        DC Special #28.
        DC Special Series #21.
        DC Super-Stars #17.
        Jimmy Olsen #62-63, 70, 72(+)-73, 76-77, 85, 87-88, 99-
100, 106(+), 117(^).
        Justice League of America #147-148(*).
        Justice League Europe Annual #2(^).
        Kamandi #58(+).
        Legends 1-6(+).
        Legion of Substitute-Heroes Special #1(*).
        Lois Lane #33, 47, 50, 56.
        Secret Origins 8, 25, 37(+), 42, 46, 47(*), 49
        Super Star Holiday Special #1.
        Superboy volume 1, #86, 89, 93, 98(**), 100, 117(*), 124-
125, 127, 131, 148(^).
        Superboy volume 2, #50(*).
        Superman, volume 1, #147(+), 149, 152, 155-156, 157, 162,
165, 167, 172, 176(^), 213, 423, Annual 4, 6.
        Superman, volume 2, #8(*).
        Superman Family #207(^).
        World's Finest Comics #142, 168(^), 172, 283-284.
Reprints of LSH stories can be found in:
        Action Comics #334, 360, 377, 388.
        Adventure Comics #356, 390, 398, 403, 409-411.
        Batman #238.
        Christmas with the Super-Heroes, volume 2, #1.
        DC Super-Spectacular #18, 21.
        DC Super-Stars #3.
        Eighty-Page Giant #11.
        Legion of Super-Heroes, volume 1, #1-4.
        Legion of Super-Heroes Archives #1-3. (DC Archives Series)
        Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga Trade
        Limited Collector's Edition #C-49 (reprints ADV #369-370)
        Secret Origins, volume 1, #6.
        Superboy, volume 1, #129, 147, 177-178, 180-181, 185, 202,
205, 208, 238.
        Super DC Giant #S-24.
        Superman #193, 245, 272.
        Superman Annual #6, 8.
        Superman Family #167-168.
        Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #326-354 (reprints LSH
v3 #1-29) and 2 annuals, #4-5.
        World's Finest Comics #223.
Related titles:
        Cosmic Boy #1-4.
        Karate Kid #1-15.
        L.E.G.I.O.N. '89-93, #1-present. (Latest issue at time of
revision: #58.)
        Legionnaires 3 #1-4.
        Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1-3.
        Timber Wolf #1-5.
        Valor, #1-present.
        Wanderers, #1-13.
[Sources: This list began with my own personal collection and the list from SLSH #243; it was expanded with contributions by Greg Morrow. I have not checked every one of these issues personally, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of information in all these cases.]

Other recommended reading:

by Independent Comics Group, a subsidiary of Eclipse Comics, with
the permission of DC.
        Incomplete (only goes to the late 1960's) but an excellent
issue-by-issue reference for the older, more expensive stuff.
Includes plot synopses, creator credits, and character lists.

        WHO'S WHO IN THE DC UNIVERSE, 1985 edition, and '87 and
'88 updates.
        Not the best source for LSH information, although a lot of
the art is by classic LSH artists.  Other sources are recommended

        WHO'S WHO IN THE DC UNIVERSE, 1990 edition.
        #1 (Dominators, Kono, Rokk Krinn)
        #2 (Laurel Gand, Mordru)
        #3 (Reep Daggle, Spider-Girl)
        #4 (Khunds, Lightning Lord, Persuader)
        #5 (Jo Nah)
        #6 (Ayla Ranzz, Vi)
        #7 (Jan Arrah, Phase)
        #8 (Durlans, Furball, Kent Shakespeare)
        #9 (Chuck Taine, Dev-Em, Dirk Morgna, Gim Allon, Glorith,
            LSH, Luornu, Mysa, Roxxas, Tenzil Kem) Special LSH
        #11 (Legion SUBS, Legion Supporting Cast, Wanderers)
        #14 (Ranzz Family, Valor)
        #16 (Devlin O'Ryan, corrected Laurel Gand, LSH: The
             Beginning, Prince Evillo)

        WHO'S WHO UPDATE, 1992.
        #1 (Legionnaires, Timber Wolf, Valor)

        Although out of date, still the best single reference for
obscure LSH-related characters.  Contains information not found
anywhere else (since it was made up for the series by writer
Barbara Randall or kibitzer Paul Levitz).

        Published by Mayfair Games as a source for the DC Heroes
RPG, and co-written by Paul Levitz.  Other sources cover the same
ground, and it's almost ten years out of date, but each is still a
handy one-volume reference source.  #1 covers Legionnaires,
villains, and supporting cast; #2 covers worlds of the 30th
Century.  [WARNING: The sourcebook is written for the first
edition of the game, and requires serious adaptation for use with
second or third edition.  The 1st edition Mon-El is 2^25 times
stronger than the 2nd edition Valor if the stats aren't

        2995: The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook.
        Published by Mayfair Games as a source for the DC Heroes
RPG, and written by T&M.  Fills in a lot of the holes, and is an
invaluable reference for the finer details of the new continuity.


	(click here to return to the Table of Contents)

This timeline is based on the one from the 2995 Sourcebook, which was apparently based by T&M on one written by LSH fan Chris Miller. Issue references and additional details were added by yours truly. (The original concentrated on arrivals and departures, births and deaths, and marriages; I've added individual stories. Many of the dates in the pre-v4 stories are speculative--anything with a question mark represents my guess at best fit between stories.)

Note that dates given in the comic (issue #30 of the current series, to be specific) sometimes differ from those in the sourcebook. In these cases, both dates are listed.

[Note, too, that the issue references for leadership elections are not meant to indicate that an election was shown that issue, merely that it marked the first issue of a new leader's tenure. For example, in ADV #371 Ultra Boy is mentioned as the new leader, but his election is never shown.]

1/5/73    Imra Ardeen, Rokk Krinn, and Garth Ranzz foil an
          attempted assassination of R.J. Brande.
1/6/73    Brande persuades his three rescuers to form the Legion
          of Super-Heroes as Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and
          Lightning Boy, respectively.  (Garth soon changes his
          name to Lightning Lad.) Cosmic Boy is selected by the
          team's computers as the best leader for the group.
3/3/73    The Legion recruits its first members, Triplicate Girl
          and Phantom Girl.  (First shown in ACT #276.)
7/10/73   Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy and Invisible Kid join.
          (Revealed in ACT #267.)
8/15/73   Kid Quantum joins.  (Revealed in LSH v4 #33.)
9/5/73    Brainiac 5 and Laurel Gand join. (ACT #276, modified in
          LSH v4 #9.)
12/4/73   In a journey to the past, the group inducts the
          legendary Valor as an honorary member.  (A revision of
          ADV #247.)
1/74      No election is held, but Cosmic Boy is given a vote of
          confidence as leader.
4/1/74    Ultra Boy joins. (SBOY #98; revised in LSH v4 Annual
5/30/74   Star Boy joins.  (First mentioned in ADV #282; shown in
          LSH v2 #306.)
7/16/74   The Legion suffers its first fatality as Kid Quantum
          dies at Mount Schorer, Mars.  (Revealed in LSH v4 #9;
          explained in LSH v4 #33.)
7/28/74   Shrinking Violet and Sun Boy join.  (After ACT #276 for
          Vi, and revealed in ADV #290 for Dirk)
8/30/74   The group admits previously rejected Bouncing Boy.
          (Revealed in ACT #287; shown in ADV #301.)
12/11/74  Valor is located and freed from the Bgztl Buffer Zone.
          He defeats an android attacker and is returned to the
          Buffer Region. (ADV #300)
12/24/74  Matter-Eater Lad joins. (ADV #303)
1/75      Saturn Girl is elected leader. (ADV #304)
1/18/75   Lightning Lad dies repelling the first Khundish invasion
          of Earth.  Zaryan the Conqueror also dies.  (ADV #304)
1/23/75   A permanent cure for Valor's lead weakness is found, and
          the legendary hero is freed from the Bgztl Buffer
          Region.  The Legion admits him as a full-fledged member.
          (ADV #305)
2/12/75   Roxxas the Butcher kills every inhabitant of Trom,
          except Jan Arrah, who escapes.
2/17/75   Five rejected Legion applicants--Chlorophyll Kid, Fire
          Lad, Night Girl, Polar Boy, and Stone Boy--form the
          Legion of Substitute Heroes.  (ADV #306)
3/5/75    Element Lad joins, launching a mission that brings to
          justice Roxxas the Butcher.  (ADV #307)
3/12/75   Lightning Lad's twin sister Lightning Lass joins.  (ADV
5/23/75   Proty I, an Antarean "pet" of Chameleon Boy's,
          sacrifices its life to resurrect Lightning Lad.  (ADV
10/20/75  Dream Girl joins.  (ADV #317)
10/31/75  Dream Girl transforms Lightning Lass' power to turn her
          into "Light Lass." Dream Girl resigns shortly
          thereafter.  (ADV #317)
11/75     Sun Boy betrays the LSH under the influence of space
          fatigue.  To prevent this, a new clause is added to the
          LSH Constitution.  (ADV #318)
11?/75    The Subs defeat Throon's Citadel of Doom. (ADV #319)
11?/75    With the aid of Dev-Em, the LSH captures Molock. (ADV
12/14/75  Bouncing Boy loses his power and resigns.  He is given
          honorary status.  (ADV #321)
1/76      Saturn Girl is re-elected leader. (ADV #323)
2?/76     The LSH meets the Heroes of Lallor for the first time.
          (ADV #324)
4?/76     Hypnotized by Queen Azura of Femnaz, the female LSHers
          defeat and imprison the males.  They subsequently
          release them.  (ADV #326)
5?/76     The LSH encounters Lone Wolf.  (ADV #327)
6?/76     Command Kid joins the LSH, but unbeknownst to the team,
          he is possessed by a demon.  The demon is expelled by
          Element Lad, and Command Kid quits to return to his
          native Preztor.  (ADV #328)
9/24/76   The rise of Mordru is halted at Earth as the Legion and
          Earthgov armies defeat and imprison the
          sorcerer/emperor.  (First mentioned in ADV #369)
11/10/76  Lightning Lad loses his right arm while battling the
          Dxaundii "Moby Dick" creature. (ADV #332)
11 or 12/76  Lars Hanscomb brainwashes Lightning Lad into
          committing crimes under the identity of Starfinger. (ADV
1/77      Brainiac 5 is elected leader, Saturn Girl is deputy.
          (ADV #337)
1/77      Three spies from the planet Murra are admitted to the
          Legion as a ruse to discover their home planet.  The
          spies, Blackout Boy, Size Lad, and Magnetic Kid I are
          subsequently expelled and lose their powers.  (ADV #337)
2?/77     Lallorian hero Beast Boy goes insane and dies rescuing a
          young girl. (ADV #339)
4/22/77   Earth is besieged by Brainiac 5's creation Computo.
          One of Triplicate Girl's bodies is killed. (ADV #340-
6/30/77   The Legion's first great constitutional crisis--Star Boy
          kills in self-defense, violating the Legion code.  He is
          expelled, and joins the Subs. (ADV #342)
8?/77     The LSH defeats the false Luck Lords of Thaun. (ADV
9?/77     Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Cosmic Boy, Duo Damsel,
          Element Lad, Invisible Kid, Light Lass, Matter-Eater
          Lad, and Saturn Girl are imprisoned by Nardo.  Matter-
          Eater Lad is struck by rays that render him fat.  (ADV
12/8/77   Ferro Lad, Karate Kid, Nemesis Kid, and Princess
          Projectra join. (ADV #346)
12/15/77  The Legion teams with Earthgov armies to repel the
          second Khundish invasion.  Nemesis Kid is exposed as a
          traitor but escapes. (ADV #346-347)
1/78      Invisible Kid I is elected leader, with Valor as deputy.
          (ADV #348)
3/31/78   Star Boy, Dream Girl, and Bouncing Boy are re-admitted.
          Lightning Lad's lost arm is re-grown.  (ADV #351)
4/20/78   Ferro Lad dies destroying the Sun-Eater in a desperate
          mission that inadvertently creates the Fatal Five. (ADV
6?/78     LSH members are captured and hunted down by the Hunter,
          who kills himself when defeated by Invisible Kid. (ADV
7?/78     Universo takes control of the Earth, outlawing the LSH
          and driving them underground.  He is defeated with the
          help of his son Rond Vidar, who is made an honorary
          LSHer. (ADV #359-360)
9?/78     The LSH battles Dr. Mantis Morlo and his Chemoids. (ADV
9/28/78   The Fatal Five fights the LSH on Talok VIII.  Shadow
          Lass joins.  (ADV #365-366)
10/19/78  The Dark Circle comes into conflict with the LSH for the
          first time, when they invade Earth.  They are defeated
          by Brainiac 5 and the Miracle Machine.  The Legion
          Academy opens, along with a new Legion headquarters.
          (ADV #367)
11?/78    Mordru is inadvertently freed by Shadow Lass, and
          attempts to destroy the LSH as revenge for his
          imprisonment.  He is defeated by Dream Girl, Projectra,
          and the White Witch.  (ADV #369-370)
1/79      Ultra Boy is elected leader, Valor as deputy.
          Colossal Boy is temporarily expelled for sabotaging
          missions while being blackmailed by the Legion of Super-
          Villains.  (ADV #371)
1/30/79   Chemical King and Timber Wolf join. (ADV #372)
1/79      The LSH first meets the Wanderers.  (ADV #375)
1/23/79   Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Karate Kid, Projectra, and Valor
          are poisoned by the Seerons. (ADV #378-379)
6?/79     One of Duo Damsel's bodies is given a distinctive, evil
          personality by Nam'lor. (ACT #380)
7/79      Karate Kid is elected leader.  Valor remains deputy.
          (ACT #382)
8?/79     Valor dies due to lead poisoning, but is revived with
          the life force of his distant relative Eltro Gand.
          Unknown to the LSH at this time, a portion of Eltro's
          personality remains, rendering Valor moody and
          indecisive.  (ACT #384)
1/80      Valor is elected leader, with Element Lad as deputy.
          (ACT #392)
7/80      Ultra Boy is elected leader, with rotating deputies.
          (SBOY #184)
11/4/80   Timber Wolf is lost in explosion of Asteroid X-52 and is
          declared dead.
1/81      Valor is elected leader, with Sun Boy as deputy.
          (Revealed in SBOY #190)
4?/81     LSH applicant ERG-1 seemingly gives his life to save
          Colossal Boy on Manna-5.  (SBOY #190)
5/2/81    Timber Wolf returns, and it is later learned Tyr staged
          his disappearance. (SBOY #197; Tyr showed up in SBOY
5/29/81   Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel wed and resign. (SBOY #200)
6/1/81    Wildfire joins. (SBOY #202)
6/27/81   Invisible Kid is killed by Validus. (SBOY #203)
8?/81     The LSH fights a new LSV, led by Sun Emperor. (SBOY
9/16/81   Matter-Eater Lad resigns to run for political office on
          Bismoll. (SBOY #212)
10/9/81   Tyroc joins. (SBOY #218)
12?/81    The LSH first fights Pulsar Stargrave (SBOY #223)
          [Assuming this story occurred in the new continuity]
1/82      Wildfire is elected leader, Element Lad deputy.  The
          Legion first encounters the Resource Raiders.  (SBOY
1/3/82    Dawnstar joins. (SBOY #226)
2/10/82   Chemical King dies thwarting a Dark Circle Plot to spark
          civil war on Earth. (SBOY #228)
5?/82     A study into the nature of time goes awry, transforming
          Jaxon Rugarth into the Infinite Man. (SBOY #233)
6/17/82   Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl wed and resign. (ALL-NEW
          COLLECTOR'S EDITION #C-55)
7?/82     The insane Brainiac 5 frames Ultra Boy for murder at the
          behest of Glorith. (SLSH #239; revised in LSH v4 Annual
8-9/82    The Legion aids in the United Planets' defeat of the
          Mordru-Dark Circle-Khundish alliance in Earthwar. (SLSH
9/27/82   Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl and re-admitted at the
          conclusion of Earthwar.  (SLSH #245)
1/83      Lightning Lad is elected leader, with Element Lad as
          deputy.  (SLSH #247)
1 or 2/83 The Legion battles creations of Mantis Morlo under the
          Metropolis sewers. (SLSH #248-9)
2/17/83   The Legion defeats the destructive Omega creature
          and discovers it was hatched by an insane Brainiac 5.
          Matter-Eater Lad is also driven insane when he devours
          the Miracle Machine.  Both ultimately recover. (SLSH
3?/83     The League of Super-Assassins attempts to destroy the
          LSH, under orders from the Dark Man. (SLSH #253-254)
9/1/83    Tyroc resigns to return to his native Marzal.  (LSH v2
10/10/83  Blok joins. (LSH v2 #272)
11/29/83  The Computo matrix is revived and attacks the Legion.
          Invisible Kid II acquires his power during
          the emergency, helps defuse the Computo threat, and is
          admitted to the Legion.  (LSH v2 Annual #1)
12/19/83  Projectra and Karate Kid shift to reservist status as
          Projectra takes the throne of her native Orando
          and Karate Kid joins her as consort. (LSH v2 #288)
1/84      Darkseid attempts to enslave the galaxy but is
          fought to a standoff by the Legion and retreats.  (LSH
          v2 #290-294)
1/84      Dream Girl is elected leader, initially with Element Lad
          as deputy. (LSH v2 #291)
2/3/84    The White Witch joins. (LSH v2 #294)
2/5/84    Light Lass resigns to return to Winath. (LSH v2 #294)
4/7/84    Colossal Boy secretly weds the Durlan named Yera in
          the belief that she is Legion teammate Shrinking
          Violet.  Once the ruse is revealed and Violet freed
          from terrorist kidnappers, the two agree to continue
          their marriage.
6/11/84   Princess Projectra and Karate Kid wed. (LSH v2 Annual
1/85      Element Lad is elected leader, with Dream Girl as
          deputy. (LSH v2 #306)
11/7/85   The first Legion offspring, Graym and Garridan
          Ranzz, are born to Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.  (LSH
          v2 Annual #3)
11/12/85  Karate Kid is killed in the Legion of Super-Villains
          attack on Orando. (LSH v3 #3)
11/15/85  Light Lass is re-admitted as Lightning Lass.
12/30/85  Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl resign to
          take advisory roles. (LSH v3 #12)
1/86      Element Lad is re-elected leader, with Brainiac 5 as
          deputy.  (LSH v3 #12)
2/1/86    Magnetic Kid, Polar Boy, Quislet, Sensor Girl, and
          Tellus join. (LSH v3 #14)
10/24/86  Star Boy resigns to return to Xanthu as planetary
1/87      The annual leadership election is not held, as Universo
          is controlling the Earth and Legion.
3/26/87   Universo is defeated and Earth freed.  The Earth-based
          Legionnaires are also released from his control.  Saturn
          Girl rejoins the Legion.
4/21/87   Because of the delay in electing a new leader, it's
          decided to extend the next term through the end of
          2988.  Polar Boy is elected leader, Element Lad
7/4/87    A mysterious hero known as Superboy appears from the
          time stream and is admitted to the Legion. (LSH v3 #37)
7/20/87   Superboy dies in a strange battle involving
          manipulation of the time stream by a robed Time
          Trapper. (LSH v3 #38)
1/88      Polar Boy and Element Lad continue as leader and deputy.
1/1/88    Glorith of Baaldur destroys Daxam.  A small group of
          Legionnaires begins planning a retaliatory
          attack against Glorith. (LSH v4 Annual #1)
2/4/88    The White Witch resigns, angered by her teammates'
          strained behavior in the wake of Daxam's destruction.
          She returns to the Sorcerers' World. (A retcon of LSH v3
2/6/88    Valor is critically injured and a second Duo Damsel
          body is killed in the retaliatory attack on
          Glorith.  Valor ultimately recovers but never
          returns to active status.  Shadow Lass also leaves
          active status at this point to aid in Valor's recovery.
          (LSH v3 #50, revised in LSH v4 Annual #1)
2/15/88   Brainiac 5 is tried for insubordination after the
          attack on Glorith.  He's cleared of charges but
          resigns. (LSH v3 #51)
2/29/88   Shadow Lass marries the still critically injured
1/1/89    Quislet is propelled back into his home dimension,
          effectively eliminating him from Legion membership. (LSH
          v3 #58)
1/89      Sensor Girl is elected leader, with Timber Wolf as
          deputy.  (LSH v4 #60)
6/20/89   Magnetic Kid is killed in the Magic Wars. (LSH v3 #62)
6/23/89   The Arch-Mage is defeated and the destructive Magic
          Wars concluded. (LSH v3 #63)

-------------------------The Five-Year Gap Begins-----------------

9/89      The polymer shield removed from Earth.
10/89     The economies of Earth and many United Planets worlds
          collapse.  Major hardships hit Earthgov and the Legion,
          planting the seeds of a long-term strain between them.
11/2/89   Tayla Wellington is elected President of Earth.
1/90      Sensor Girl and Timber Wolf continue in their leadership
          positions under a vote of confidence.
1/9/90    Laurel Gand resigns to fight back the Khundish invasion
          of United Planets space.
1/19/90   Earthgov secedes from the UP.  [According to the comic.]
2/26/90   Saturn Girl resigns to tend her family and its business
          in the wake of the Validus Plague on Winath.
3/17/90   Impulse joins.
4/12/90   Chameleon Boy resigns to accept the chairmanship of
          Brande Industries.
4/13/90   Wellington's Earthgov declares war on the Legion.
4/14/90   Impulse joins.
6/7/90    The Legion Academy closes its doors.
7/6/90    Former Legion Academy heads Chuck and Luornu Durgo Taine
          open the United Planets Militia Academy.
7/24/90   Earth secedes from the United Planets.  [According to
          the Sourcebook.]
1/91      Fear of difficulties with Earthgov red tape prevent an
          election.  Sensor Girl and Timber Wolf continue as
          leader and deputy.
2/10/91   Atmos and Karate Kid II join.
3/20/91   Sensor Girl resigns to reacquire her crown on Orando.
          Deputy Timber Wolf takes over duties, though the Legion
          avoids formal recognition as leader for bureaucratic
3/25/91   Projectra is re-coronated.
4/12/91   Phantom Girl is killed in an interdimensional
          accident at Metropolis spaceport.
4/19/91   Atmos resigns to pursue independent ventures.
5/8/91    The grieving Ultra Boy quits and returns to Rimbor.
5/28/91   Mekt Ranzz is released from Labyrinth into Garth and
          Imra's custody.
5/28/91   Crystal Kid, Echo, and Reflecto join.
6/91      Braal invades Imsk.
6/9/91    Announced date of Tinya and Jo's wedding.
6/12/91   Shrinking Violet resigns to serve in the Imskian Army in
          the Braal-Imsk war.
7/5/91    Sun Boy is named unofficial temporary leader, as
          pressures of the Black Dawn crisis mount and Timber
          Wolf's mental state deteriorates.
7/7/91    Reflecto is killed in a duel with the Molecule Master
          during investigation of the Black Dawn crisis.
7/30/91   Vi is named Chief of Security of the Damper project.
8/12/91   Black Dawn.  Timber Wolf is seriously injured, Wildfire
8/13/91   Karate Kid II resists arrest and flees, ending his
          Legion membership.
8/15/91   Blok, Dawnstar, and Dream Girl resign in the wake of
          Black Dawn.  Dream Girl accepts the post of High Seer
          of Naltor.
8/17/91   Crystal Kid resigns in the wake of Black Dawn.
8/23/91   Element Lad resigns to return to Trom.
9/1/91    Impulse flees Earth to escape arrest, ending his Legion
9/4/91    Echo resigns and disappears.  Tellus resigns to return
          to Hykraius.
9/12/91   Lightning Lass resigns to return to Winath.
9/14/91   Sun Boy resigns and appoints Polar Boy as unofficial
          temporary leader.
9/24/91   Fire Lad joins.
10/8/91   The Venado Bay Massacre injures ex-Legionnaire Rokk
          Krinn (Cosmic Boy) and robs him of his magnetic
          faculties.  Ex-Legionnaire Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet)
          is also injured, losing an eye.
10/20/91  Chlorophyll Kid, Infectious Lass, Porcupine Pete, and
          Visi-Lad join.
11/27/91  Color Kid and Stone Boy join.
2992      At some point in the first few months, Dawnstar is
          possessed by the Bounty entity.
1/21/92   The Rebirth Summit held on Xanthu, in an attempt to
          restore economies of United Planets worlds from the
          Great Collapse.
3/15/92   Storm Boy joins.
3/28/92   Infectious Lass is forced to resign and go underground
          to avoid Earthgov prosecution.
4/9/92    Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, and Porcupine Pete resign,
          begin underground work against Earthgov.
5/27/92   Calamity King joins.
6/30/92   Invisible Kid II resigns to organize underground
          resistance to Earthgov.
7/6/92    The Legion disbands.  Members at this time are Calamity
          King, Colossal Boy, Fire Lad, Nightwind, Polar Boy,
          Stone Boy, Storm Boy, and Visi-Lad.  Most join the
          underground resistance.
7/6/92    Mordru is named Supreme Teacher of Tharn.
7/29/92   Gim re-applies to the Science Police.
8/22/92   Ex-Legionnaire Polar Boy is arrested for attempting
          to rally anti-Earthgov dissent.
9/9/92    Dirk signs contract with Earthgov.
3/93      Jo brings Brin to Rimbor to ensure better medical
8/14/93   Grev Mallor marries Kahnya Natahnie (Lady Memory).
1/17/94   Marzal, the interdimensional portal-island from which
          ex-Legionnaire Tyroc hailed, is destroyed by Earthgov
          forces.  Tyroc survives and joins the resistance.
6/27/94   Laurel Gand gives birth to daughter Lauren Gand.  The
          father is common-law husband Rond Vidar.

-------------------------The Five-Year Gap Ends-------------------

10/23/94   Reep Daggle begins to recruit members for the new
          Legion, first approaching Rokk Krinn. (LSH v4 #1)
11/21/94  Blok is killed by Roxxas the Butcher. (LSH v4 #3)
11/94     In the altered timeline, Glorith casts the spell to
          recreate the Legion. (#LSH v4 #5)
11/94     Celeste Rockfish is hired by Earthgov, ostensibly to
          hunt down Roxxas, but actually to draw attention away
          from their involvement in his crimes.  (#LSH v4 #6)
11/94     The Legionnaires free Mysa from Mordru. (#LSH v4 #6-7)
11/30/94  Earthgov links to Roxxas reported in the Daily Planet.
12/94     Ex-Legionnaires gather on Winath for Blok's funeral, and
          are attacked by Roxxas. (LSH v4 #10)
12/4/94   Brek Bannin is finally freed from Earthgov jails by the
          legal maneuvering of Tenzil Kem. (LSH v4 #11)
12/14/94  The Legion is formally reinstated, with a membership of
          Brita (Kono) An'nan, Jan Arrah Bounty, Reep Daggle, Salu
          Digby, Querl Dox, Laurel Gand, Rokk Krinn, Mysa Nal,
          Ayla Ranzz, Celeste Rockfish, Kent Shakespeare, and a
          "mascot" creature known as "Furball." (LSH v4 #12)
12/94     The Persuader attacks Quarantine and is defeated by Kent
          Shakespeare.  (LSH v4 #12-13)
12/27/94  The reformed Legion establishes headquarters on the
          asteroid world of Talus.  (LSH v4 #14)
12/27/94  Brek and Tenzil land on Tartarus.  Tenzil releases the
          prisoners in the Realm of Darkness, but is declared dead
          and loses his Senate seat.  Brek remains to train
          Evillo's daughters.  (LSH v4 #14)
1/3/95    Tenzil Kem rejoins.
1/12/95   The Legion agrees to team with the United Planets
          Militia to beat back a Khundish invasion that threatens
          the heart of the United Planets. (LSH v4 #15)
2/95      Vi's right leg is shot off in the Khund conflict.
3/14/95   Spider Girl is arrested on Xanthu; she escapes.
3/19/95   Sussa arrives on Earth.
3/22/95   The Khunds are driven back to pre-2995 borders, and the
          Legion concludes its participation in the war against
          Khundish encroachment. (LSH v4 #17)
3/29/95   Tensions increase on Earth with the execution of Legion
          friends, Don and Dawn Allen. (LSH v4 #17) [The
          Sourcebook dates this as 3/27.]
3?/95     Lar Gand and Tasmia Mallor repel the Dark Circle from
          Carggg.  (LSH v4 #18)
3?/95     Foccart and Vidar arrange an alliance. (LSH v4 #18)
4/11/95   Luna is destroyed, ravaging Earth.  The mysterious "SW6"
          Legionnaires awaken in an underground Dominion chamber
          on Earth. (LSH v4 #19)
4/12/95   Batch SW6 escapes from the Weisinger chambers; they
          encounter Devlin O'Ryan in Metropolis. (LSH v4 #21-25)
          Jo Nah returns from an extended journey through time and
          is added to the reformed adult Legion team.
4/13/95   Dacey and Dorritt Ranzz are born to ex-Legionnaires
          Garth and Imra Ardeen Ranzz.  (LSH v4 #20)
4/95      The Dominators send additional forces to Earth to
          maintain control. (LSH v4 #20)
4/95      Brainy and Brin (as Furball) encounter Darkseid on Zuun;
          Brin is changed back to his normal form.  Darkseid is
          sent to another dimension, or something. (LSH v4 #21-24)
4/95      Laurel and Bounty make contact with Circe. (LSH v4 #23)
4/95      BION is sent to retrieve Batch SW6.  He attacks Laurel
          on Earth, and follows her to Talus, where he is defeated
          by Rokk, Loomis, and Kono. (LSH v4 #24-27)
4/20/95   The SW6 Legion is brought to the Earth Resistance.  (LSH
          v4 #29)
4/95      Foccart and Vidar send a commando force to capture the
          Metropolis chambers.  (LSH v4 #26)
4/30/95   Lar arrives on Earth. (LSH v4 #29)
4/30/95   Monica Sade is released from the Weisinger chambers.
          (LSH v4 #29)
4/30/95   Tensions of Earth reach the breaking point with the
          assassination of Earth President Tayla Wellington.  (LSH
          v4 #29)
4/30/95   Lar goes to Earth to fight the Dominators. (LSH v4
5/1?/95   Brin and Aria/Gemini go to the 20th Century.  (LSH v4
          Annual #3)
5/2/95    The Legion has a reunion on Winath for Dacey and
          Dorritt's christening.  Pol Jath Krinn is born to Rokk
          Krinn and his wife Lydda. (LSH v4 Annual #3)
5/2/95    Shvaughn Erin changes back into a man. (LSH v4 #31)
5/15/95   The SUBS escape from the Weisinger chambers with the
          help of the SW6 Legion; the youthful Chameleon Boy,
          Karate Kid, and Princess Projectra are killed when the
          chambers explode.  (LSH v4 #32)
5/95      Cham receives word of Brande's whereabouts, and goes to
          find him; he locates him on Yal, along with Kid Quantum,
          the Soul of Antares. (LSH v4 #32-33)
5/17/95   Selected members of the adult Legion join with the
          youthful legionnaires, the resistance and the United
          Planets Militia to liberate Earth from its Dominator
          despots.  Jacques Foccart is appointed acting president
          of Earth.  (LSH v4 #34-35)
5/18/95   Universo and McCauley IV leave Earth for Gallan.  (#35)
5/19/95   Sade and Bounty fight; Bounty is seriously wounded, and
          the entity possessing her leaves for another body.  (LSH
          v4 #36)
5/19/95   The death of Dirk Morgna is announced. (LSH v4 #36)
5/95      Valor of the Legionnaires leaves in a Time Bubble for
          2978, but he disappears upon departure. (LSH v4 #37)
5/95      The Naltorian Dreamers win the championship. (LSH v4
6/3/95    Seismic disturbances spur Foccart to order the takeoff
          of the 104 cities equipped for it.  Two are destroyed.
          (LSH v4 #38)
6/4/95    The Great Terran Disaster. (LSH v4 #38)
6/95      The Legionnaires free Reep, Brande, Kid Quantum, and the
          Protean Sentients from McCauley IV on Gallan.  (LSH v4
6/95      The young Legionnaires meet the adult Legion for the
          first time.  (LSH v4 #40)
6/11/95   Reep Daggle resigns from the reformed adult Legion to
          organize and lead the youthful Legionnaires.  Jacques
          Foccart resigns as President of New Earth to join the
          reformed adult Legion and names vice president Troy
          Stewart to succeed him. (LSH v4 #41)
6/13/95   The new group, "The Legionnaires," is deputized, with
          its membership consisting of the youthful versions of
          the original Legion: Alchemist (Element Lad), Apparition
          (Phantom Girl), Andromeda (Laurel Gand), Leviathan
          (Colossal Boy), Brainiac 5, Catspaw (a recruit),
          Chameleon (the adult Chameleon Boy), Computo (a recruit
          and sister of Jacques Foccart), Cosmic Boy, Dragonmage
          (a recruit), Ferro (Ferro Lad), Gossamer (Light Lass),
          Inferno (Sun Boy), Invisible Kid, Live Wire (Lightning
          Lad), Matter-Eater Lad, Saturn Girl, Shrinking Violet,
          Triad (Triplicate Girl), and Ultra Boy.
6?/95     The team attacks Glorith, to recover captured team
          members and associates.  Luornu's second body is freed
          from Glorith's control, and Glorith herself is trapped
          in a force field.  (LSH v4 #42.)
7/29/95   Jacques and Drura join the team. (LSH v4 #43.)
          Mysa is possessed, attacks Tharn, and is absorbed into
          Mordru.  Using this power, he raises armies of the dead
          in a number of worlds in both UP and Khund space.  (LSH
          v4 #43-44.)
7?/95     Firefist, Veilmist, Blood Claw, and Flederweb are
          assigned to the team.  Kono is possessed by Amethyst.
          (LSH v4 #44.)
8?/95     The LSH battles zombies from Earth and reanimated LSH
          corpses on Sklar.  Jan is unsuccessful in preventing the
          Trommite zombies from going to Pasnic.  The LSH attacks
          Mordru's palace on Tharn; Mysa is separated from him.
          He is defeated and left badly weakened.  Mysa absorbs
          Amethyst's essence. (LSH v4 #45-48.)
8?/95     While driving zombies from Talus, Brin, Angon, and
          Jamm are retrieved from the 20th Century.  After a
          scuffle, Angon is returned; Brin is injured in the
          fight.  Lar, Tasmia, Lydda, and the SW6 Laurel destroy
          the Daxamite Zombies.  Jamm is returned to the past.
          (LSH v4 Annual #4.)
8?/95     Tenzil, Brin, and a group of native metahumans overthrow
          Evillo's reign of Tartarus. (LSH v4 #49.)
8?/95     Tenzil marries Eve Aries.  Jan recovers from his
          injuries and is sent to recover on New Earth.  Wildfire
          is apparently revived. (LSH v4 #50.)
10?/95    Dawnstar's parents take her back to Starhaven.  Brin
          recovers, and Wildfire rejoins the team. (LSH v4 #50.)
10?/95    Ivy and a group of young aliens and metahumans defeat
          Grimbor the Chainsman on Quarantine. (LSH v4 #51.)
11?/95    The LSHers undergo many changes while assaulting
          Glorith, who vanishes when attacking Devlin. (LSH v4


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This is a list of the noteworthy non-LSHer characters to appear in the current series. First appearances of all characters is noted (where possible), and major changes in a character's situation have been destroyed. (Note: The character histories given are by no means intended as comprehensive.)

Characters are listed under the name they use most in the series. For example, Antennae Boy is listed under Bez, Khfeurb Chee.

Characters who have been LSHers are covered in question #1. Members of the Legionnaires are not included.

        Allon, Marte (ADV #371).  Colossal Boy's mother, ex-
President of Earth, now a minister on Orando.
        Alloy (LSH v4 #29).  Sue Barnett.  Mindwiped Dominator
        Amethyst (LSH v2 #296).  A sorceress from the 20th
century, who possessed Kono for a while and is now joined with
Mysa. [N.B.  Although #296 is given as her first appearance, the
story she appeared in was a "bonus book," not part of an LSH
story.  She didn't enter the LSH continuity directly until the
Magic Wars.]
        An'Nan, Bel (LSH v4 #50).  Kono's mother, a Sklarian
        Bez, Khfeurb Chee (ADV #305).  Antennae Boy, a former
member of the Legion of Substitute-Heroes Auxiliary.  Now a
        B.I.O.N. (LSH v4 #21).  Biological Intelligence Organic
Nexus, a Dominator-created android based on Computo and with the
powers of the SW6 LSH.  Defeated by Kono, Loomis, and Rokk.  It
was revealed recently that it used Luornu's power to triplicate
itself, and the other two invaded Talus to recover the third.
They, too, were defeated. [uh...no. They got away because one of the
dupes was invisible, and once the invisible one had retrieved the
captured one, they all three left. Right? --VHH]
        Brande, R.J. (ADV #350).  Founding member of
L.E.G.I.O.N., brought forward in time by Glorith to become
financier of the LSH.  (Retcon.)  He went off to find the Soul of
Antares (leaving son Reep in charge of Brande Industries) and only
recently returned.
        Burroughs, Squire (LSH v4 #40).  Wildfire's brother, also
in a containment suit.  He seems to be an energy being, not anti-
energy. [*apparently* Wildfire's brother, although it had never been
revealed that Drake had any siblings, let alone a brother named
Squire. --VHH]
        Campbell, Aria (LSH v4 #21).  Gemini.  A powerful being,
responsible for the destruction of Darkseid (long story).  In the
20th century with Brin. [now there *without* Brin --VHH]
        Campbell, Coda (LSH v4 #21).  Aria's twin brother,
        Campbell, Frances/Francis (LSH v4 #21).  Aria and Coda's
        Circadia Senius (LSH v2 #295).  Chronarch of the Time
Institute.  Killed by destruction of Luna. [An alternate timestream
Circadia recently appeared with Rond in a Time Bubble --VHH]
        Circe (LSH v4 #2).  SPE officer, agent of Dominators and
formerly Dirk's lover and reason for working for Earthgov.  Killed
him and herself.
        Cusimano, GiGi (LSH v2 #301).  SP officer who became chief
of the SP.
        Darios (LSH v4 #30).  UP Admiral, a Hykraian.  Came in to
defend Earth from Dominator fleet.
        Darkseid (JIMMY OLSEN #134).  Engineered a complex scheme
in order to destroy himself.  Whereabouts unclear, but not in this
        Dev-Em (ADV #287 or 320).  Destroyed the Moon (obliquely)
and wound up in McCauley IV's collection.  See question #11.
[recently reverted to pre-Crisis appearance during a timestream
ripple while fighting Valor --VHH]
        Drisden, Concheta (LSH v4 #40).  Daughter of Charma and
Grimbor; see question 5 for more details.  Tried to escape from
Takron-Galtos II recently, but was apprehended.
        Echo-Chamber Chet (LSH v4 #49).  Mortally impaired member
of Brek's team, with sonic powers.
        Elasti-Kid (LSH v4 #29).  Charles Polk.  Mindwiped
Dominator agent.
        Erin, Shvaughn (SLSH #241).  Revealed to be a man, Sean
Erin; now chief of SP on New Earth.  See question 6.
        Flare (LSH v3 #24).  Ray Sah.  Former Fatal Five member
turned mindwiped Dominator agent.
        Foxworth (LSH v4 #31).  Black marketeer, a contact of
        Galmark (LSH v4 #44).  Khund officer.
        Galt (LSH v4 #16).  Khund officer.
        Gand, Eltro (ACT #378).  A descendant of Lar's brother,
who gave his life to save him.  Still dead.
        Gand, Lauren (LSH v4 #8).  Child of Laurel and Rond.
        Ghost (LSH v4 #29).  Melissa Schlick.  Mindwiped dominator
agent with invisibility powers.
        Glorith (ADV #337).  See question 2.
        Grimbor the Chainsman (SBOY #221).  Father of Concheta
Drisden, he attacked Quarantine to free her but was repulsed by
Ivy's "team." [recently revealed to be the Advisor of the Paris
Dome ruler (what's his name?). He was removed from his post. --VHH]
        Grinn (LSH v4 #16).  Mercenary working for Universo.
Killed by Sade.  Invisible except for smile (and arms?)
        Gym'll, Dr. (LSH v2 #284).  Formerly LSH's personal
physician, killed on Medicus One when Luna blew up.
        Hunter II (SBOY #199).  Adam Orion.  An old villain (and
son of an older villain) who turned up on Yal, gunning for Brande
and Reep.
        Ivy (LSH v4 #13).  A child on Quarantine, with plant
powers (she talks to them and controls them some).  Founded a
"super-team" to fight Grimbor.
        Jamm (LSH v4 Annual #4).  A 20th Century native who gained
mind-control powers as part of the "Bloodlines" crossover.  He was
dragged into the 30th Century with Brin, made a nuisance of
himself for a while, and was eventually sent back.
        Jonn (?).  Formerly co-ruler of Pasnic, a UP World that
has been conquered by Khunds; now head of UP Militia.
        J'onzz, J'onn (DETECTIVE #225).  The Martian Manhunter.
Survived into the 30th century, and helped the team against
        Kiritan, General (LSH v4 #15).  Khund general.
        Krinn, Lydda Jath (ADV #306).  Formerly Night Girl of the
Legion of Substitute Heroes (and the only one never to join the
LSH).  Married to Rokk Krinn, and living on Talus.  They have a
son, Pol. [currently staying on Winath with Pol while the Legion
is renegade --VHH]
        Latham, Marla (SBOY #98).  Previously the LSH's Adult
Advisor; now works for Brande Industries.
        Lobo-probe, the (LSH v4 #21).  A probe duplicate of Lobo,
created by Darkseid and subsequently destroyed by him.
        Loomis (LSH v4 #1).  Served with Rokk in the military,
lost an arm at Venado Bay; works as LSH handyman.
        Lori (LSH v4 #21).  Friend of Aria's.
        Loy, Taryn (SBOY #312).  Calorie Queen.  Tenzil's
assistant, took over his seat after he was declared dead.
        Lynk (LSH v4 #13).  A Hykraian child on Quarantine and a
member of Ivy's "team."
        Mallor, Grev (ADV #344). Shadow Kid.  Brother of Shadow
Lass, and current planetary champion of Talok VIII.  Married to
Lady Memory.
        Mallor, Kahnya (TLSH #318).  Married to Grev.  Formerly
Lady Memory of Talok VIII's Hill People.
        McCauley, Leland III (ADV #374).  Has had some trouble
with his insane oldest son.
        McCauley, Leland IV (LSH v4 #12).  Sociopathic son of the
galaxy's eleventh richest man; founded the new Fatal Five in
LEGIONNAIRES.  [Note: According to T&M, he is not the same son of
McCauley III who appeared in SBOY #214.] [He is extremely afraid
of germs and viruses. --VHH]
        Mano (ADV #352).  An old Fatal Five member who became an
agent of Starfinger III.  He wound up joining the new Fatal Five
        Mordru (ADV #369).  Became ruler of Tharn to hold off
Khunds and reverted to old ways.  Married to Mysa; recently
was defeated in an attempt to conquer the galaxy.
        Morgna, Derek (?).  Dirk's late father.
        Morse, Arlington (LSH v4 #26).  Vice President of Earth
under Wellington and the Dominators, took over after her death.
Replaced by Foccart.
        Orlak (LSH v4 #15).  A Khund contact of Reep's.
        Persuader (ADV #352).  Nyuen Chen Ti.  Member of the old
Fatal Five who became a strongarm for Starfinger III.  Now with
the new Fatal Five in LEGIONNAIRES.
        Policy Pam (LSH v4 #49).  Member of Brek's team, with the
power to sell insurance to anybody.
        Prince Evillo (ADV #350).  His Realm of Darkness was
destroyed by Tenzil and Sugyn.  Deposed from rule of Tartarus by
return of eleven ex-wives.  Arrested recently after taking control
of the planet again with the Hypnostone.  Has two daughters,
Stiletta and Styx, who are members of Brek's superteam.
        Proty II (ADV #316).  Retconned into one of the seven
Protean sentients (see section on Kid Quantum).  Captured with the
others by McCauley IV, but released.
        Ranzz, Garridan (ADV #352).  Formerly Validus, but
restored to normal form; carrier of "Validus Plague."  Forced to
stay on Quarantine.  He retains the mental lightning powers he
used as Validus.  Joined Ivy's "team."
        Ranzz, Graym (LSH Annual v2 #3).  Son of Garth and Imra,
now nine.
        Ranzz, Mekt (SBOY #147).  Lightning Lord.  Rehabilitated
and works on Ranzz plantation on Winath. [there is a scene in
LSH v4 An.#3 which suggests Mekt is also gay --VHH]
        Relnic, Anton (SBOY #225).  Former Earth UP Ambassador,
promoted to Chairman of UP Council.
        Rikane, Jed (SLSH #240).  Power Boy, former LSH Academy
student.  Worked for UP Militia Academy, killed by the Khunds.
        Ron-Karr (ADV #314).  Former LSV member that joined
Universo's underground.
        Roxxas, Kivun "the Butcher" (ADV #307).  Tried killing the
ex-LSH for Earthgov, but was stopped and imprisoned; is on Trom
right now.
        Sade (LSH v4 #29).  Teleporting mercenary, rescued from
the Weisinger chambers.  Took off for parts unknown.
        Saturn Queen (LSH v4 #14).  Eve Aries.  Heir to ceremonial
throne of Titan.  Twelfth wife of Prince Evillo, now married to
        Scales (LSH v4 #13).  A non-Durlan shapechanging child on
Quarantine and a member of Ivy's "team."
        Spaceopoly Lad (LSH v4 #49).  Member of Brek's team; he
has the power to finish any game of Spaceopoly he starts.
        Spider-Girl (ADV #305).  Sussa Paka.  Stole something
important (not clear what yet) and wound up with the LSH.  Is
hanging out with them now. [and is therefore now on the run
with them. She has an attraction to Jo. The cannister has been
revealed to contain bones and dust --VHH]
        Spunge (LSH v4 #13).  A member of Ivy's "team" on
Quarantine, he eats energy (but it intoxicates him).
        Starfinger III (LSH v4 #13).  Molock Hanscomb, brother of
the original.  Killed the second one for revenge.  A crimelord.
        Sugyn (ADV #350).  Member of the Devil's Dozen.
Rescued from Evillo's Realm of Darkness by Tenzil, and a member of
Brek's super-team.
        Tao, Marella (LSH v3 #36).  Continued as a newscaster
until being killed by Earthgov.
        Time Trapper, the (ADV #317).  See question 2.
        Tornado Twins, the (ADV #379).  Dawn and Don Allen.
Executed by Earthgov on charge of treason; may have been put in
chambers instead.
        Universo (ADV #349).  Led a resistance group against
Earthgov, and now seems to be allied with Leland McCauley IV.
Currently hypnotizing the UP to arrest the LSH. [apparently
in league with the Khunds, although nothing has been explicitly
revealed yet --VHH]
        Val, Yvyya (LSH v4 Annual #3).  Owner of the Naltorian
Dreamers, and Thom's wife.
        Vrykos (LSH v4 #3).  Vampiric servant of Mordru.
        Wellington, Tayla (LSH v4 #8).  President of Earth, killed
by Dominators.
        Williams, Mara (LSH v4 #51).  "Rush." A Dominator test
subject with speed powers.  She was on Quarantine for a while and
is now joining the UP Officer's Academy. [it's been revealed that she
*has* joined --VHH]
        Zaryan the Conqueror (ADV #304).  Originally the one who
killed Garth; now revealed to be a Khund and the one that
destroyed Ricklef II.  He turned up as one of Mordru's zombie
[there's now more than a handful of new characters from the last few issues of Valor, LGS and LSH, but I'll leave it to Doug to find them all and update this section. :) --VHH]