LSH Quiz from the DC Superstars Society application form

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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 22:23:07 -0700
From: (Michael R. Grabois)
Subject: DC Super-Stars Society: LSH Chapter application quiz

Here's the trivia quiz from the DC Super-Stars LSH Chapter application
package. For the record, when I took this in 1978, I had only been reading
the Legion for three years, so I only missed 3 of the 12 questions (all
relating to the Adventure days-- #3, #7, and #9). This came out circa Earthwar.

(and to make things harder, for extra credit name the issues!)

1. Several Legionnaires have died. In which order did they die?
   a) Chemical King, Lightning Lad, Ferro Lad, Invisible Kid, Triplicate Girl
   b) Lightning Lad, Triplicate Girl, Ferro Lad, Invisible Kid, Chemical King
   c) Lightning Lad, Ferro Lad, Triplicate Girl, Chemical King, Invisible Kid
   d) Triplicate Girl, Ferro Lad, Lightning Lad, Chemical King, Invisible Kid

2. Rene Jacques Brande is the name of...
   a) Matter Eater Lad
   b) The President of Earth
   c) The Time Trapper
   d) The man who originally funded the Legion

3. Which of the following writers created the Legion?
   a) Edmond Hamilton
   b) Otto Binder
   c) Jerry Siegel
   d) Jim Shooter

4. The Legion Constitution once demanded that members resign if they...
   a) take the life of a sentient being
   b) reach the age of 21
   c) are defeated in battle
   d) marry

5. Which method(s) of flight did Brainiac 5 invent for the Legionnaires?
   a) Jet Packs
   b) Repulsor Rays
   c) Flight Rings
   d) Flying Belts

6. Saturn Girl wasn't born on Saturn. Where was she born?
   a) Earth
   b) Daxam
   c) Titan
   d) Braal

7. Clearly, Lightning Lad is the Legionnaire who has faced the most
tragedies in his career. In what order did those tragedies occur?
   a) loss of his right arm, death, being orphaned
   b) being orphaned, loss of his left arm, death
   c) death, being orphaned, loss of his right arm
   d) death, loss of his right arm, being orphaned

8. The present Legion headquarters was built several years ago by the United
Planets to replace the original clubhouse. What was the final disposition of
the original clubhouse building?
   a) It was destroyed by the Fatal Five
   b) It was given to the Legion of Subsitute Heroes
   c) It was turned into the Legion Museum
   d) It was melted down by Superboy and Sun Boy to preserve Legion secrets

9. Which of these Legionnaires once had super powers greater than Superboy's?
   a) Star Boy
   b) Ultra Boy
   c) Cosmic Boy
   d) Sun Boy

10. Matter Eater Lad left the Legion for which of these reasons?
   a) he died
   b) he got married
   c) he got drafted
   d) he killed someone in self-defense

11. Which Legionniare is the last survivor of his world?
   a) Superboy
   b) Mon-El
   c) Timber Wolf
   d) Element Lad

12. Match the Legionnaires and their real names:
   a) Mon-el            aa) Reep Daggle
   b) Chameleon Boy     bb) Lyle Norg
   c) Wildfire          cc) Lar Gand
   d) Invisible Kid     dd) Drake Burroughs
Want the answers? Here they are.

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