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Superboy 212: the Lost Page

Taken from "Amazing World of DC Comics" #9, the special all-Legion issue, in an article entitled "How a Comic is (un)Created" by Jack C. Harris.

   In prior installments of this feature, various writers
revealed how comics spring from the scripter's or
editor's mind, are translated into penciled pages, inked
and finally become finished artwork.
   Boy, did they ever make it sound easy! To hear them
tell this wonderful story, you'd think there were never any
problems! Oh, if it were only so!
   Every snag or delay that could posslbly happen -- has!
Even those problems that couldn't ever occur -- do!
Thankfully, most of those difficulties are little ones that
can be corrected in the early stages. But some require
more drastic action.
   For instance, here's a problem that confronted us in
March of this year. Murray Boltinoff and I had just turned
HEROES #212 in to the production department for final
corrections before it headed to the printer. Originally,
these stories were scheduled for the lead pages of a 50¢
Giant. Since we'd recently discontinued that format, we
kept the 12-page cover feature ("Last Fight For A
Legionnaire"), the 8-page back-up ("A Death Stroke At
Dawn") and my Super-Talk letters page (my first one for
that book!) as our regular 25¢ Issue.
   The day after we turned it in, production manager
Jack Adler rushed in (Adler constantly rushes nowhere)
to tell us the page count of the 25¢ books had been
reduced. We had to cut two pages....
   The first thing we sliced was my letters page! It was a
good one, so I could easily add some new comments
and have it ready for #213. But how about that second
page? Somewhere, somehow, we had to cut some story!
After careful re-reading, Murray and I found that the
8th page of the first story could be omitted wlthout losing
the even flow of action, even though we had to sacrifice a
good bit of Jim Shooter's dramatics concerning the
resignation of Matter-Eater Lad. It was an editorial
decision -- lose some characterization or some action --
and characterization lost out! The page was removed,
the remainder was re-numbered and the book left for the
   Now the question arose as to what to do with this un-
used, paid for, Mike Grell page of Legion art. Murray
suggested that we use it for a "springboard" and write a
new story around it -- which we still might do someday. In
the meantime, instead of letting it collect dust on our
shelves, we've decided to present it here within our
special Legion issue of AWODCC!
   If the purists among you wish, you can color the op-
posite page, clip it out and insert it between pages 7 and
8 of SUPERBOY #212's lead story, thus maintaining the
tale in its original form.
   However, since those two pages are back to back, this
might prove a bit difficult. Because we've just told you
how we solved one of our problems, we figured, to be
fair, we'd offer suggestions as to how to overcome this
page manipulation problem:
1. Buy an extra copy of SUPERBOY #212.
2. Find yourself an incredibly sharp razor blade to split
pages 7 and 8 apart.
3. Make your own Editor's Note at the bottom of page
7 referring to this page of AWODCC.
If you can think of any others, please keep them to
yourself -- we've got problems of our own!