Tyroc Quiz answers

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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 20:01:34 -0700
From: WizardImps@hotmail.com (Michael R. Grabois)
Subject: Test your Tyroc IQ!: the results
To: lsh-l@netcom.com

Well, here's the long(?)-awaited results to the Great Tyroc Quiz of 1995.

Out of the thousands on LSH-L, a grand total of 9 people entered. I'm not 
entirely sure what that means.

First up, the answers:

>Part A. Fill in the blank (2 points each):
>1. What island is Tyroc from?
        Yeechang had the best guess answer to this one: "Marzipan"
        Everyone else got it right. 

>2. What Broadway musical was the island's secret stolen from?
        Jim Drew: Brigadoooo-oon.  "Down in McConnachy Square!"
        A gimme. Nine of 9 got it.

>3. What's Tyroc's real name?
    Troy Stewart
        Another gift.

>4. What other Legionnaires were present to show that the Legion 
>    was colorblind?
    Brainiac 5, Shadow Lass, Karate Kid, and Superboy ("Superboy" 216)
        Ray Mescallado was the only one to get full credit on this one.
        8 answered Brainy
        7 answered Shady
        7 answered Chameleon Boy
        5 answered Karate Kid
        1 answered Superboy

>5. In his native language, what does "Tyroc" mean?
    "Scream of the Devil" according to "Who's Who in the LSH"
        Yeechang: Uh, "Token Minority"?
        Jim Drew: Screams with Wolves
        Jim Burr and Mike Morris were the only ones to get this right.

>Part B. Match Tyroc's yells (spelling approximate) with their effects 
>(1 point each):

David Goldfarb: You have *got* to be kidding.
Johanna Draper: Yeah, right.
Ray Mescallado: Wasn't even going to ATTEMPT this.
Myke Morris:    Anyone who can answer these without looking them up
                     truly needs help
Jim Drew:       That looks like as a good a matchup as any.  I'll take it.
                    (note: he got one right by just leaving it)

>1. EEYYAAAHH       a. spin
>2. AHHRRRRRR       b. teleport
>3. OYYUUUUUU       c. turn rubbery 
>4. ARRRRHHHH       d. wind
>5. ZZZRRRUUGGHH    e. force field
>6. UIUUIEEEE       f. sticky rain
>7. ARRREEEEG       g. explosion
>8. IRRRRWWWW       h. flame
>9. CCCIIIRRR       i. lose balance
>10. RRRYYYY        j. trees sprout tentacles
 1-h    EEYYAAAHH caused the Beta's jet packs to burst into flame
 2-e    AHHRRRRRR caused a force field that deflected their shots
 3-b    OYYUUUUUU caused Tyroc to teleport away
 4-g    ARRRRHHHH caused an explosion around Zoraz
 5-a    ZZZRRRUUGGHH caused Zoraz to spin like a top
 6-c    UIUUIEEEE caused the roads in Metropolis to turn rubbery
 7-f    ARRREEEEG caused sticky rain to fall
 8-j    IRRRRWWWW caused "the trees [to] sprout wildly growing
                tentacle wings!"
 9-i    CCCIIIRRR caused Superboy to lose his sense of balance
10-d    RRRYYYY caused a "terrific wind" to be unleashed

Yells 1-3 are from "Superboy" #216, 4-5 from #218, and 6-10 from #222. These 3 
issues are the "definitive" Tyroc yells, since Conway wasn't consistent in 

David Goldfarb remembered #3, Troy guessed correctly at #3 and #8, Jim Drew 
guessed right on #9.

As someone (who shall remain nameless) remarked early in the voting, well before 
all the ballots were counted:
    I'm in the lead? Ahead of Tom "Legion Trivia is my Life" Galloway?
    Be still my heart...:-)

>Perfect score: 20 points
>Winner gets the satisfaction of knowing that they are an expert in
>    Tyrocology.

So here are the final results:

Yeechang Lee    5
Johanna Draper  7
Elmo            7.5
David Goldfarb  8
Ray Mescallado  8
Jim Drew        8
Troy McNemar    10.5
Jim Burr        11
Myke Morris     11

Congrats to Jim and Myke, who win the Big Bucks. Yeechang, Johanna, Elmo, David, 
Ray, Jim, and Troy get the home version.

Comments? Suggestions? Send 'em to me at WizardImps@hotmail.com

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